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Welsh consultation closes in less than 2 weeks: what can English home edders do?

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FionaJNicholson Sat 10-Nov-12 08:33:09

Anyone can respond to the consultation on changing the home education law in Wales. I've put lots of links at the end of this post.

It would be really useful if English home educators could share their draft consultation answers in order to help Welsh home educators see what points they could make.

You could do this by posting it on home ed lists/Facebook (this may already be happening, but I'm not on Facebook so I don't know)

I would also be happy to put draft consultation answers up on my website.

The important thing is to get ideas/material circulated at least a week before the end of the consultation which closes in a fortnight. Ideally something should be available for people to read by Friday 14th as that's the last weekend before the consultation closes.

I know when we did this in the past for other consultations that there were a lot of downloads and people told me afterwards that it had been helpful to see what others were saying as a springboard for their own ideas.

There are a range of options available which means you don't necessarily have to tick the box to say you are a home educator. If for example you are also an employer or a qualified teacher or an accountant or an IT specialist or a nurse ... you can tick the
"other" box, not the home educator box.

Personally I don't think people have to come up with a connection to Wales or give a reason why they are filling it in even though they don't live in Wales.

The Government form asks for

"Your name:
Organisation (if applicable):
e-mail/telephone number:
Your address"

"It also asks you to check a box saying whether you are
Home educated child/young person
Home educating parent
Local authority
Organisation representing home educating families
Other organisation with responsibility for children (please specify
in box below)

In terms of "responding online", you can't just type in boxes using an
interactive form and then press send when you've finished. They've provided a Consultation Response Form but I never use these things till the end if I can help it as you can't see what's going on in all the boxes, and you can't easily shift things round and read it all of a piece to see if you've missed anything.

I've made a response form for practising

You can type onto this form and then paste your answers into the Welsh Govnt response form and send that as attachment.

Welsh Government Consultation Response Form
Welsh Government Consultation web page
Consultation document as web page
Click here to read my draft consultation response 1 page pdf bullet points
summarising proposed changes to the law in Wales

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