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HE group near Kingston-upon-Thames

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debsl75 Fri 26-Oct-12 19:51:53

Hi, after 2 years of problems with my DDs high school we have decided the best thing to do is try HE. Could someone please reccomend a local support group.
We were thinking of being quite formal and try to follow the NC closely so that should it not work out or we found a place for her in a more suitable school then she wouldn't be behind.
Any advice/help would be most greatfuly recieved.
DD is 13 (y9)

debsl75 Fri 02-Nov-12 08:47:31

BUMP No HE groups in or around the Kingston upon Thames area at all?

ZhenThereWereTwo Tue 13-Nov-12 01:03:00

There is a group that meets near there with science, history and drama offered if you register for westlondonhomeeducators with yahoo groups you will get the emails, failing that pm me and I will forward contact and details to you.

chocolatecrispies Tue 13-Nov-12 18:55:06

Try the home education in London Facebook page- there is loads going on in that area I think.

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