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More info from DfE on 14-16s college applications next year + funding this year

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FionaJNicholson Fri 26-Oct-12 08:18:49

Just a quick note to say that I've updated my web page on Alternative Provision Funding (LAs paying for college places for under-16s) to include a link to the transcript from the Education Committee session with the new Minister for home education which went online yesterday.

The Alternative Provision Funding system continues to operate for 2012-13 but a new system is to be put in place from September 2013 for both college funding and SEN support where children are home educated. DfE is aware of transition issues for local authorities using AP funding in 2012-13 and more information will be available shortly. Minister Elizabeth Truss told the Education Committee on October 17th that "from September 2013 further education colleges will be able to admit 14 to 15yearolds on their own sayso rather than via local authorities." [Q230]

See also: "Q235 Ian Mearns: One of the things we have heard this morning that is clearly the responsibility of the Department for Education is the fact that local authorities themselves would like some greater clarity on how they can access the alternative provision funding that is available from the DfE. Could you take that back and look at it?" Minister Elizabeth Truss: "I will. I will take that back."

Please share freely, thanks

NB this applies specifically to ENGLAND.

hairyhands Fri 26-Oct-12 14:09:36

Thanks Fiona, I really appreciate all the work you do.

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