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DD doesn't go to preschool/ nursery- am I already outside the system?

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JustJazz Wed 17-Oct-12 13:02:22

For various reasons we've decided not to send DD to pre-school or nursery. I know I can't be the only one who chooses not to, but I am the only one that I know of.

I've noticed I haven't had appointments for injections or information regarding starting school like everyone else has, so does this mean I'm already outside the system?

I don't mind especially if I am, it's just I don't know what I might be missing out on (ie. I have no idea what the injections her contempories are having)- so I'll try to be more proactive in future!

ReallyTired Wed 17-Oct-12 13:04:48

Dd is at state school nursery and we haven't yet had an appointment for the MMR or application forms for reception. School apps is all done online in our area and prehaps the council are expecting you to know of the website through pre school.

zippey Wed 17-Oct-12 13:16:30

Our little one is 15 months old and doesnt go to a nursery. There are pro's and cons to this, but I think the benefits of not going to nursery's outweights the reasons to going. She goes to a lot of baby events such as swimming classes, baby signing and other activity classes though.

I think it depends on the area you live in, but speak to health visitors/doctors etc about injections etc.

JustJazz Wed 17-Oct-12 13:21:00

Thanks- I know our school stuff can be done online although everyone seems to have a letter telling them about how to do it online if you know what I mean.

It's caught me a bit off guard- as although we're considering HE as well as schools- I just get the feeling as though it's assumed everyone 'does' pre-school these days, what with the 15 hrs funding.

AuntieStella Wed 17-Oct-12 13:32:42

No, as education is non-statutory at that age.

Appointments for eg injections are between you and your GP, nothing to do with schools: you might like to drop in and check your details are up to date.

Not all Councils send out information about school applications, and even those that do find the 'reach' is inadequate (this moving in, those not in state nurseries, those who go live in borough but go to nursery near parental work miles away etc). That's why there is often a poster campaign too; and there may be information at libraries, community centres etc, and certainly on the website.

Do not wait for them to contact you if you are interested in a reception place (even if you decide to turn it down and HE).

MaryPoppinsBag Wed 17-Oct-12 13:37:16

The letters about injections come from the Local Health Authority or your G.P not school.

How old is your daughter?

What has put you off sending her? (obviously not what the thread is about I'm just nosy!)
I can't praise my DS's pre- school enough - just an amazing setting with so many lovely things to do! He has just started nursery at school and loves it. And it eases transition into full time school.

JustJazz Wed 17-Oct-12 14:04:21

Thanks- will pop in and see the surgery just to check I haven't missed anything.

I am on the case re schools, but I was worried that I might miss something else that I don't know about. I am happy to have to be proactive as long as I know that's what is expected of me.

Long story about why choose not to bother with pre-school- I know loads of people who's children love it & that have really helped & I'm not against it - just felt it wasn't right for my DD.

MaryPoppinsBag Wed 17-Oct-12 14:17:27

Sorry for being nosy!

The deadline for school apps in my area is beginning of December. I did mine online. You don't find out until March/April time. And it doesn't matter if you are the first or last to complete the application, that holds no weight.

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