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How to explain HEing a goth 5yo to people?

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BrittaPerry Mon 15-Oct-12 07:28:20

So, we are pretty much decided on a trial of HE, at least while we wait for a place at a new school.

I know that family and friends will start blaming anything odd that DD does on HE - they have done it before, right down to when she had a six month break in nursery, after her going since five months old, and was bit geeky, it was apparently because of a lack of socialisation through her entire life hmm

Now, DD is a little 5yo goth grin - she writes 'lonely songs' and says she can't write happy ones, because she can't thinkof anything to write about (she has a very happy life - she seems to only be close friends with the girls in our street, but she gets on ok with other children, and has loads of toys and activities, as well as loads of hugs and her and dd2 bing the only grandchildren on both sides, and she definitely enjoys herself while she does things). She can have an exciting fun filled day, and decribe it as 'mostly looking at the rain'. hmm. She likes Kate Bush and loves a bit of science, especially gory pictures of organs etc, and chooses floaty black skirts to wear...

So, I know people will ask DD what she has been doing and she will describe, say, a trip to a museum as 'we looked at dead things then queued for a bus', despite having had a great day grin

And I know my family will translate THAT into 'mummy dragged me aound town and I'm not allowed to have fun'

Also, we have primary school teachers in the family - I have nothing against school, I just think HE is worth a go as I think it will suit her.

Any ideas?

DartmoorMama Sat 17-Nov-12 11:33:48

To be honest I think sometimes as a home ed parent you need to put up your boundaries and tell other people to mind their own damn business.

Your dd sounds cool. I was a geeky, different kid and an introvert. I got treated like I was broken and needed fixing my entire childhood. Her quirks will likely become her strengths.

sieglinde Wed 21-Nov-12 20:13:00

Hi I am Sieglinde's goth daughter, Signy.
Of course, gloom isn't necessarily a sign of gothyness, but I think she might need some goth guidance. I would recommend Gothic Charm School and The Ultimate Goth Guide. Of course one has to do some advertising for oneself: my blog for babybats (little goths), Calling Cards and Combustibles.
In school, let her read the real Wuthering Heights for English and after that maybe Dracula. For biology, yes, dead things, and dissection. Let her write gloomy poetry if you have to but don't let her post it on the Internet.
Outside of school, if she likes dolls and toys buy her Living Dead Dolls or Vamplets. Allow her to do gothic creations and stuff.
The most likely thing is that she will grow out of her gloominess. Don't tell her this though.
Signy xxx

BrittaPerry Fri 30-Nov-12 21:14:09

Thanks Signy :-)

Indith Fri 30-Nov-12 21:18:34

Oi Britta! I'm stalking you! Curry order please!

TheOriginalSteamingNit Fri 30-Nov-12 21:23:46

Do five year olds work out that they are goths all on their own? shock

Anyway op you sound pretty confident in it all really, and I suspect you won't get too upset by any comments from family in the long term... Good luck, and just enjoy her.

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