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can anyone recommend good primary level textbooks?

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antisellyoulight Sat 06-Oct-12 18:20:23

just that really. I've been all over the net, picking up resources here and there. I'm now looking for a bit more structure as I'm feeling a bit all over the place and wanted any recommendations for history/science/geography textbooks for primary level (aged 7 upwards).

Recommendations would be most appreciated

Tinuviel Sat 06-Oct-12 22:37:36

Galore Park do junior books for years 3-5 and then prep school books for years 6-8. They are very rigorous and academic, although I find the English books a bit repetitive.

We use The Story of the World for history, although it's an American course. We have also used History Pockets from Evan Moor, which are fun if you like colouring, cutting and sticking. They can be bought as downloads and printed out as you need them. Pandia Press do a good history course using Story of the World as the spine text, which is probably very good - we use the next level up (ages 10-14).

For science we have used a couple of the "Great Science Adventures" available from Ichthus resources, which are very good (again lots of cutting and sticking).

ThreadWatcher Sun 07-Oct-12 01:04:23

teacher file box is a pay per annual subscription which enables you to print most of Evan moors catalogue.
They publish the History pockets (and masses of other stuff) that tinuviel mentioned.
There is a discount available (pm me if you are interested) which works out at £45 per year.
Maths, science, history, geography, english (they call it Language Arts) all organised by topic and US grade.
I use it A LOT

plus we use Sonlight as well.
and a variety of other stuff - I reccomend acquring a bunch of games and 'manipulatives' as a priority rather than textbooks, which a primary child is too young for (and they are boring, mostly)

Story of the World had too many inaccuracies(sp?) for me so we ditched it - thought the activity book was good though, but you need the story book as well.
Galloping the globe is a great resource for travelling the countries of the world.

Any questions do ask smile

take3 Sun 07-Oct-12 19:05:09

We have just started Macmillan Language Tree - and English scheme. It is excellent and you can buy it quite cheapy on Amazon. Also comes with a teachers book... text book (where the children study one text a week.... they read and discuss the text... do some comprehension questions - either verbally or written in full sentences in an exercise book, then there is often some speaking work to do - eg memorizing something or working with a partner, then a grammar exercise or 2 linked to the text and finally a writing activity, which is well guided - for example, on the poem, they give sentence starters and help with structure of the verse etc.
I love it! Downside.... it is quite heavy on the grammar exercises, so may cover 2 or 3 things each week (eg nouns and pronouns)... so we just pick one to do as written and one verbally.
You can also buy a workbook (to write in) which practises the grammar work taught in teach unit.
The whole scheme is written for children in the carribean (!) but don't let that put you off.... no creole in there but the only thing is that some of the illustrations are about coconuts rather than, say, apples!

For science we use Nancy larson... but not cheap or a text book, however, everything is planned out and even scripted. Excellent and very easy. Singapore do science text books (see maths no

History.... Story of the world - again not really a text book but all planned out and all you do is read the chapter and look in the activity book for the activities to do with that chapter. Very easy. You can even buy and audio cd so don't need to read out loud if you are pushed for time.

antisellyoulight Sun 07-Oct-12 21:22:45

thank you very much for all your replies and suggestions, will start looking into these recommendations.

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