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Fw: Primary Mathematics Challenge 2012 - x-posted

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Saracen Sun 23-Sep-12 22:26:05

My daughter did this challenge several years ago and really enjoyed it. It was especially satisfying for her because she had wanted to do the challenge at school the previous year and her teacher wouldn't let her!

I'm grateful to the HE parents who have coordinated the entries from HE


Forwarded with permission from the HE-UK mailing list:
The Primary Mathematics Challenge is a national competition consisting of a test
with interesting, mathematical problems (mostly multiple choice) aimed at the
top 60% of 9-11 year olds, although anyone aged 11 or under on 31 August 2013 can enter. I'd say it is suitable for children who enjoy maths and
problem-solving and get bored being tested on whether they can "do" the basics.

There is more information and past papers on the Mathematical Association's
website: Every child taking part will get a certificate, and
Gold, Silver and Bronze certificates will be awarded to those who do
particularly well.

Home-educators cannot enter children directly through the Mathematical
Association so if you would like to enter your home educated child, please join where there is information about how to enter.

Entries should be received by 5th October

So that as many home-educated children as possible have the opportuninity to
join in, please consider x-posting this onto your local or other home education
groups, perhaps adding a personal note if you took part last year?

Flojo1979 Fri 28-Sep-12 14:46:14

Hi, can I join the HE group?
My DS goes to school but I'd really like to do this at home with him and start doing HE stuff.
Went on link but needed profile etc? Can someone talk me through it pls.

Saracen Fri 28-Sep-12 15:04:09

Hi Flojo!

I'm afraid the Mathematical Association specified that only home educated children could enter the PMC through the home ed group. I forget the reason - something to do with potential cheating I think - but they were quite adamant that no schoolchildren should enter via the home ed group. Sorry!

You could still do all the past papers on the Mathematical Association's website. We found those fun.

Do you know whether your son's school participates in the PMC? If they don't, you could bring it to the teacher's/headteacher's attention and perhaps he could do it that way.

Flojo1979 Fri 28-Sep-12 15:11:32

Ha like there is open communication between parents and teachers!

aliportico Wed 03-Oct-12 22:43:16

Closing date for entries has been extended until the beginning of next week, so if you were dithering about doing it, get the form printed and sent off grin

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