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HE in NW London

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eskimofriends Thu 21-Jun-12 21:28:11

I have twin girls and am very interested in HE. They've just turned 1 so we're quite a long way from having to make a decision on this. But I'd love to chat (face-to-face or online) with other HE'ers in the North West London area. Are there any? And how do I find out?

ThreadWatcher Sun 24-Jun-12 20:05:35

Hi eskimo!
I dont live anywhere near you (I wish we did as there is loads more HE stuff where you live than where we do!) - try going to yahoo groups and typing in the search box, home education harrow. I just tried that and it came up with "Northolt HE group" but I know there are loads more.

All the best with whatever you decide to do. Home education is fab smile

chocolatecrispies Tue 26-Jun-12 23:23:50

Try Facebook! That's the place to find other HE-ders in my experience.

carmo1 Tue 23-Oct-12 09:57:00

Hi I live in Uxbridge could you give me any information on HE groups. Will def try Northholt. Have been homeschooling since June. Have 3 children but only my daughter is offically home educated. Many Thanks

babyhood Tue 30-Oct-12 22:24:00

Would you like become a member of a lovely parent-run playgroup where you can chat with other parents over a cup of tea while your children play?

Blossom Parent and Child Playgroup in Kensal Green follows a definite rhythm, which fosters a gentle discipline and calming atmosphere. The morning starts with creative playtime, where each session has its own special activity such as painting or drawing. This leads on to circle-time, with focus onfamiliar rhymes and songs. A healthy snack is then provided as the children sit down together. It is our aim to surround the children with toys that are natural and beautifully crafted to allow them freedom and creativity in their imagination.

This is a lovely way to meet like-minded parents and become part of a supportive community. As many of our contributing members have children whom have moved on to school, we are looking for new parents to join and help run our group. Previous members have made lasting friendships with other parents in the group. If you think you might be interested please email Kate Jangra-

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