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Educare Small School (Kingston)

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badger2005 Wed 14-Mar-12 11:49:48


I just wondered what people thought about this school? I think they would consider flexischooling, so I'm trying to find out more.

I feel a bit worried about the Alexander Technique part... I guess I am just unclear on whether it is weird mumbo jumbo or not. (Though I vaguely remember reading a study that said it worked...) I'm also worried about the 'satisfactory' ofsted.
But maybe I just need to be braver... my child is currently in an 'outstanding' ofsted primary, and pretty much never wants to go. He also has come to think that he 'hates' work. Maybe I should ignore the ofsted, and make up my own mind... but I just want to know what you all think!

Thanks for helping me!

mummyloveslucy Sat 17-Mar-12 19:12:18

I have no experience of this school, but I've looked at the web site. It does look fab! I love the way they use trip trap chairs. Isn't the Alexander technique all about posture?
I'd be supprised if they'd allow flexi schooling as it's fee paying. They'd probubly let you do flexi if you still pay FT fees.
I would consider it if it was neer us and they'd alow flexi schooling. We have one similar, but they don't allow flexi.
It doesn't sound as if your sons school is right for him. Fantastic ofsted or not. I'd have a look at this school and see what they say. It does say they can have a trial too.
Good luck. smile

useyourloaf Sat 17-Mar-12 20:12:05

I've been considering this school for my DS next year. I got the impression too that flexi-schooling may be an option here. I like, amongst other things, that teachers would know children so much better and have more time to listen to them and encourage them to think about things.

I haven't been to look round yet, but I wouldn't hold too much store by OFSTED satisfactory.

It seems to be favoured much more by parents/guardians when their DCs are KS1. By KS2 perhaps the pressure to perform brilliantly academically in order to get a grammar school place, kicks in.

Of the three primaries/infants schools I am closest too, two are supposedly outstanding and one good, but really what does that mean. If it turns children off learning as your son's school seems to have done then that's outstandingly sad.

lilyfire Sun 18-Mar-12 00:16:06

I've met a home edder whose children go to Educare and she says they really enjoy it, but they also flexischool (not sure what kind of percentage home ed, but it's significant - maybe half or a third I think). It seems to work well for them .

rosaura Mon 06-Jul-15 21:13:25

dear badger2005, have you moved your child do this school? if so are you happy? my DS is struggling in his prep and he has been refused by another 2 preps as he is too behind so iam now considering a different approach to education although i do worry about secondary school. my son has just finished year 2.

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