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Inter High

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fastweb Fri 14-Oct-11 18:08:54

I just wondered if anybody else was using it.

My 11yo will be starting there in September, and it would be lovely to get any tips from somebody who has been there, done that.

I've given in and let DS has a facebook account to start him getting used to "chat", anything else I can do to help him prepared for the transition ?

mumof4darlings Sun 16-Oct-11 21:36:10

my daughter is 13 and is back at interhigh, she went there for year 7, then went to a special asd school but is now back with them.

So is he waiting to next september before he starts?is that because he is currently at school or doing something else for another year?

The software is very simple to use, lessons are in live time, powerpoints, teacher chatting on a microphone. So I guess just good basic computer skills, being able to type answers, type questions, asking questions if stuck.. organised, having books ready or work printed off that has been emailed prior to lessons. Not a lot really, its very child friendly! :-)

We are really pleased with Interhigh.

fastweb Mon 17-Oct-11 06:27:19

Yes he is back at school for this year, he really wanted to go back to be with his friends,'s like all the issues with elementary school to the power of ten.

InterHigh were so lovely, helpful and open to questions over the phone that I picked them as our "best compromise between the issues of school and the issues of HE".

I think we'll be fine in terms of being organised, and he'll have no problems with the software/'s just "chat" he isn't used to, so hopefully facebook will help a bit with that.

Can I just ask, generally speaking, timewise is a couple of hours set aside a day for homework plenty ? OTT? or woefully inadequate?

I have to slot in tutoring for his other language, music and art so I'm trying to work out a rough time table which will "contain" all academics in one chunk of the day. We are one hour ahead of the UK, so was thinking maybe set aside an hour before online lessons start and and hour after to keep the weekends free of homework, does that sound like it would work ?

AMumInScotland Mon 17-Oct-11 12:48:16

My DS was in Interhigh for years 10 and 11, and I think 2 hours a day for homework was about what he did, so I would guess that an 11yo would probably be doing rather less than that.

DS only had classes in the morning, so his schedule was usually music practice, classes, lunch, homework, then more music. He always tried to get rid of homework the day it was set, which allowed him to get back to the teacher for any clarification long before it needed to be done.

fastweb Mon 17-Oct-11 12:55:27

Oh he will be so pleased if H/w is under 2 hours a day.

We are drowning in the stuff atm.

Can I just ask you both, DS is very socialable, but quite shy when he knows nobody at all, especially in English, did you find that your kids quickly got the hang of getting to know the other children in the school despite the potential to "hide behind a screen".?

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