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catnipkitty Wed 05-Oct-11 10:22:38

My boss sais 'yes' to changing my working hours
My DH said 'yes' to 'giving it a go'!
My twin 6 year old daughters said 'YES, YES' appears that as of next week we will be home educating!! smile

I can't believe after all this time (at least 3 years) of deliberating and research and posting on this forum we are actually doing it for real. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the lovely people on this forum who have been so helful and kind in their replies to my posts. I am so grateful thanks.

Just 2 problems (!)
my 7 yr old wants to stay at school (I've given them all the choice)
I'm nervous now it's real and scared about telling everybody (haven't told anyone yet)!!

Thanks for reading smile

throckenholt Wed 05-Oct-11 11:11:51

good luck. We had a term with two at school and one at home - and to be honest I was very glad when it ended because your day is tied by the school drop off and pick up. One of the things I appreciate most about HE is not caring that is 8.30 or 3pm !

I have 8 year old twins and a 10 year old (18 months between them) - and HE works well for us at the moment because they are all at a similar stage and we can do the same sort of thing with all three of them.

threesnocrowd Wed 05-Oct-11 20:04:36

Yay! Congratulations. Good luck with it all smile

ommmward Wed 05-Oct-11 20:14:57

How exciting!!!!

Saracen Thu 06-Oct-11 09:18:09

Hooray!!! Congratulations! That is wonderful news. Deregister them quick before anybody has a chance to change their mind, LOL.

Don't worry about the seven year old. Apparently it is very very common for children who remain at school to decide to come out within a year once they hear about how much fun their siblings are having! It doesn't always happen, but it might.

Betelguese Thu 06-Oct-11 10:25:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Betelguese Thu 06-Oct-11 10:27:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

catnipkitty Thu 06-Oct-11 16:32:26

Thanks for your replies. Have appointment with head teacher tomorrow to give dereg letters and I feel i should say something to her rather than just hand them in. Why do I feel so guilty?? confused
We'll be taking things slowly at first while we find our feet...and wait and hope that my 7yr old will change her mind grin

Betelguese Fri 07-Oct-11 00:11:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Saracen Fri 07-Oct-11 08:37:07

Well, I think that many heads (and often the LA) will see the decision to withdraw children from school as a possible indication of dissatisfaction with the school. Sometimes it is. From their point of view it makes sense to find out what your reasons are in case they can "fix" things so you will be happy with school, or at least so they can learn what they did wrong and try to do better for other kids. I don't blame them for wanting to talk about it, quite the opposite.

catnipkitty, I forget what your reasons were for wanting to HE your girls. If it is nothing to do with dissatisfaction with this school, you could reassure the head about that by saying specifically that you've been happy with the school and are now planning to HE because you feel it will suit your girls. You could then launch into enthusiastic raptures about all the educational trips you can go on and the one-to-one attention you'll be able to give them (or whatever the benefits are as you see them).

On the other hand if you ARE dissatisfied with this school then there is no reason to worry about offending the head! ... oh wait, I forgot your 7yo is still going to be there, so I guess you'll want to remain on civil terms after all...

If the head tries to talk you out of HE then you could just say that this is what you've decided to try for the time being, and you are glad to hear that your daughters will be welcome back (if there's space) if the situation changes. People seem to relax a bit in their anti-HE stance if they feel you are open to the idea of school in the future and you aren't fixed on the idea of HE for all time.

Good luck, I hope your meeting goes well!

catnipkitty Fri 07-Oct-11 10:16:25

Hi All
We're removing our twins from yr 2 in the infant school. The school itself is very good within the contraints of the state education system but the girls are anxious and unhappy. 1 is in a very disruptive class. We have no problem with the school itself, we just know that HE is better for them, and I've always had a good relationship with the head and the teachers - been on the PTA, been a parent helper in various classes. I want to explain this to the head and for her to explain this to the girls' teachers.

DD1 is in yr 3 in the linked junior school - different head and run in a very different way. I would love for her to leave school too but she wants to stay for the moment. She is bright and finds the academic side easy (to the point of being bored) and enjoys the social side.

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