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em2011 Fri 23-Sep-11 11:05:51

Hi i have a 4year old daughter and am planning to start home ed soon. I did start her at school but wasnt keen as the school wasnt my first choice and has a bad reputation. My daughter doesnt have a problem talking to different age groups btu she just doesnt like being parted from us and i felt she was too young to start school full time. Does anyone have any tips and advice on starting out? My mum and husband are supportive but i know the rest of my family will be negative. Im planning just to try it for a year at first to see how it goes. I am worried about her making friends and being isolated. Any tips on how to make friends? Does anyone livve in the oxford area and knows of any groups?

julienoshoes Fri 23-Sep-11 14:43:38

Have a look a little further down at the threads in this section. I've recently bumped threads on websites and books about home education-both will give you the info you are looking for.
there's also one on finding local home educators. There are groups in and around Oxford.
if you live there, no need to be isolated.
There is also of course all manner of after school clubs, she can be involved in too.

Our children had a social life that was the envy of their schooled peers and cousins.

bebanjo Fri 23-Sep-11 21:59:08

HI em, my DD, 5 in November.
Unfortunately we live in Derbyshire, we have just carried on as if school does not exist, of course she knows it does. we still see 3 good friends that go to school, she has know these all her life from play groups.
DD starting rainbows when she is 5 and wants to do tap.
DD will play with any children that happen to be around and if no children will talk to, sing to, ask questions of whoever is around. Strangers often tell me how confident she is, how refreshing to meet a child that can and will hold a conversion about anything.
Some people will be negative and some will be positive, same with anything.
We do nothing formal, DD is not interested in reading or righting, but wants to know all about biology, i just read it to her. We have an allotment and she loves to go and talk to all the others when we go. we bake, paint, draw, make models, collect twigs and make stuff, her sewing is getting much better and she loves riding her bike and going to the river.
good luck.

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