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fun activities for a 6 year old girl, anyone?

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mummyloveslucy Thu 08-Sep-11 21:16:31

Hi, I'm trying to think of fun things we can do this term, with a bit of learning along the way. I find that she's at her best, if I'm directing some sort of activity that she finds fun. When she's left to take the lead, it becomes very repetative and mind numbing for me.

These are the things I have in mind.

Making a cuddly toy dog (with a pattern from a magazine)

Making a felt bag


Getting her to write story's. (I'll have to write them down for her)

maybe a progect of some kind. We'll have to see what she's interested in.

That's all I can think of at the moment. We play board games and go out a lot as well, but I'm struggeling to think of much else.

If you have any ideas, please let me know or if you have a daughter aged between 3 and 6 I'd like to hear what you have planned. smile

mummyloveslucy Thu 08-Sep-11 21:17:57

A project even. blush

peggotty Thu 08-Sep-11 21:20:51

I'm not home-edding but have you thought about Geo-caching?

mummyloveslucy Thu 08-Sep-11 21:30:24

Hi, no I haven't. What is that? Sounds

peggotty Thu 08-Sep-11 21:45:39

It's basically a treasure hunt smile. There is a website (sorry am on my phone so can't do link, just google Geo-caching) where people post the coordinates of something they have hidden outside, usually a low-value item and a log book for finders to sign. There will be loads local to you, there are caches hidden all over the world. I haven't done this yet either but am planning to give it a go really soon. What would sound better to any child 'do you want to go for a walk' or 'do you want to go on a treasure hunt' grin??

bebanjo Thu 08-Sep-11 22:38:41

Hi, my DD is 5 in November. we do a lot of making, models, paper-mache ect. DD loves volcanoes so we make a lot of those.
Try the library for some inspiration.
I am near nottingham, where are you?

southeastastra Thu 08-Sep-11 22:39:44

get a big sheet of paper and slash paint all over it

LauraIngallsWilder Thu 08-Sep-11 22:45:16

Hi Mummyloveslucy

Have you ever tried making lapbooks?
My dd is 7 and struggles enormously with reading and dysfluency (so some similarities with your dd)
She has absolutely loved making lapbooks that I downloaded from currclick.
I highly reccomend - "where the wild things are" lapbook (free I think) - get the story from the library or buy it.
What time is it? (by flapjack resources about £1.20)
Seasons (also flapjack about £1.20)

My dd knows little about time or the seasons but has loved all the cutting, sticking and colouring involved. She has loved that we do it together as a project and of course she learnt quite a lot along the way (without realising it!) Also she now loves showing people what she has made! Fanastic easy scissor practice too.

My favourite website for ideas is Activity Village - stuffed full of things to do - for example loads of ideas for monster activities for when we did "Where the wild things are" - we made monster feet using tissue boxes!!! and monster dominoes.

Another craft activity to try - weaving - could be as simple as a piece of corrugated card, cut notches in both ends, wind string round and then weave back and forth.

Hope you enjoy yourselves smile

mummyloveslucy Fri 09-Sep-11 08:57:52

Thanks everyone! Lots to look up. I really like the sound of the Geo catching and lap books. I was hoping there would be some good websites for making things, so thanks for that.

We are going out today to get some material and supplies for our masterpieces. grin

Bonsoir Fri 09-Sep-11 09:01:44

Lego! My DD, who is 6, did Lego Creator houses 5771 and 5891 (each one has three sets of instructions for three different builds) over the summer and it taught her so much about working independently. The brilliant thing about Lego is that the instructions do not require children to be able to read, but rely entirely on visual and spacial skills. There is lots of counting involved too.

mummyloveslucy Fri 09-Sep-11 09:06:04

That would be good for when she's a bit older. She has some lego at the moment, but can't manage to put it together. Her fine motor skills are still quite poor. She does like duplo, but even struggles with that.
We'll progress on to lego soon hopefully. smile

Bonsoir Fri 09-Sep-11 09:24:47

Lego is fab for developing fine motor skills so keep persevering!

MumblingRagDoll Fri 09-Sep-11 09:29:45

My DD hs just turned 7 and she loves fossils and microscopes and things...this is SO not my cup of tea that I never once did any scienc activities with her until her teacher told me she was very good at it....we have begun a rock collection and also fossils. She loves it!

LauraIngallsWilder Fri 09-Sep-11 10:23:11

Also try kid knex (like knex but for younger kids) Its a construction toy and preferred in our house to Lego. We've got Lego and knex and kiddy knex - but Lego is definately third favourite!

badbadmummy Fri 09-Sep-11 10:41:03

My dd loves loves loves Wammy construction toys. They sell it on Amazon. It's much easier and less frustrating to put together - dd hated lego at first as it hurt her fingers and kept breaking up.


LIZS Sat 10-Sep-11 08:10:06

Do you have a local toy library ? Might enable you to try some different toys and resources out and see what captures her imagination. Local library storytime (even if aimed at younger children) as a starting point for her own "work".

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