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Thomley Activity Centre for children with special needs: Home Ed days

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Saracen Tue 06-Sep-11 00:57:17

Meet-ups for home educated children with special needs and their families at a specialist recreational activity centre.

This centre was set up by the parents of children with autism and has been very popular, with some families travelling long distances to use it. Throughout the year, the centre is usually open to home ed families as well as others. On the "Home Ed days" it is used exclusively by HE families. I've been to several of the home ed days and have enjoyed them very much. It feels like quite a luxury to have the entire huge site set aside for home ed families on these days. Staff are very understanding and accommodating, and keen to do whatever they can to make the visit enjoyable for the family.

The suggested donation is £6 per child for one or two children and £1 for each additional child in the family. Recommended donations are flexible and families will not be turned away if costs are prohibitive. Advance registration is required.

Thomley Activity Centre
Menmarsh Road, Worminghall, Bucks HP18 9JZ
01844 33838

Home Ed days this term are Wednesdays 10-3:30pm as follows: 14 Sept, 28 Sept, 12 Oct, 9 Nov, 23 Nov, 14 Dec. You can come for any days or part days you like, but need to let them know you will be coming.

Feel free to forward this message.

mummyloveslucy Tue 06-Sep-11 12:52:28

I wish we lived neerer or had something like this neer us. This would be fantastic for us. Oh well, never mind.

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