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National Schools Film Week

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Saracen Wed 31-Aug-11 21:19:45

Now taking bookings for screenings in October in cinemas throughout the UK. These free films are available to home ed families as well as school groups. You can book for as many films as you want. There's a wide variety on offer, from fluffy popular kiddy films like Rio to the more highbrow educational fare such as "The King's Speech."

There have been some mix-ups in recent years with many bookings going astray, so make sure you get confirmation and chase it up if you don't receive it.

In my area, some cinema staff are quite laid-back and will wave anyone in who claims to have booked, and don't mind HE families turning up on spec to a "full" screening on the likely chance that a few schoolkids will be off ill and we are easy to squeeze in. Other cinemas want things to be done properly and will only let you in if your name is on their list!

Sonriente Thu 01-Sep-11 07:30:38

Thanks Sara!

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