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Home schooling for 6 months, advice needed.

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montag Fri 26-Aug-11 13:46:44

Hello all,

I am getting really twitchy and the prospect of going back to school is on the agenda.

The children were abroad for a while and we decided to home ed when we returned, I think that the experience of being abroad made the 4 of them bond together and now they dont want to go out and dont seem to crave new friends, despite this, they fight and argue. They seem to be inert, I haven't been able to ignite any particular passions that aren't screen related, I feel I am failing them. They are aged 7-12.

Thanks in advance for advice.

julienoshoes Fri 26-Aug-11 15:48:03

Have you found local groups of home educators?
Depending on where you live, you may well find that folks in your local area, would have different activities on offer.
I'd also be reminding my children that as we live in a mutually respectful family, my needs to get out and about are as important as their needs-and I'd ask them for suggestions of places they would like to visit.
I'd scour local HE newsletters and ask if any of the activities appealed to the children-and then I'd tell them of the mneetings I wanted to go to.

I also used to look at the local area free newspaper and see what was going on-maybe a fete for an animal welfare charity/a particular show I might want to see/art gallery exhibition.
Perhaps your children just need prompting into the world of activities there are on offer.

The free films for schools events used to lead us to see films we might not otherwise have considered-and again this might spark some interest in something, that you could follow up later.
Home educators can get free entry too.

I think maybe I'd sit them all round and have a brain storming session, where everyone can say what they are interested in-and have a huge piece of paper ready to write it all down on. Then you can start putting your thinking caps on as to how you can investigate each one further.

For instance (thinking quickly off the top of my head) DD2 was mad about Lego for a long while...and we'd been out and about in our local town looking at buildings......we chatted about types of buildings and what makes a good village/town/community
so she started to make Lego villages, with pubs/village hall/school/post office.
She also had a long held dream to go travelling....and designed the interior of a van in lego-and then as she was interested in that, we went to the boat and caravan show and looked at real campervan interiors-and she went back and started to draw one to scale-sp thaty bought in the concept of scale and interior design etc.
She loved Musical Theatre, so we joined various local and national HE groups in going along to a variety of theatres all over the country at educational group prices.

Ds loved a particular computer game and I pointed out the similarity to Lord of The Rings-so he read the book and then we saw the films. We went to local museums possibly related to Tolkien. We talked about the maps in the LOTR books, and he made his own...leading to an interest in world maps...and geography and how national boundaries and countries change with wars.

DD1 was mad about womens rights, so we watched a TV programme about how the role of women through the ages was portrayed in advertisements (think the OXO family through different reincarnations) then we looked at The Victorian House etc and discussed the roles of the women in those houses. Then we went along and to visit her grandmother and great grandmother and we chatted to them about how their lives had changed over time.
She also wanted a tattoo from an early age-so I got some Henna paste and we decorated each others hands and feet. We went to Indian exhibitions at a local gallery, to look at Indian designs and we also spent some time discovering about the role of women in Indian Society-which led her to an interest in all sorts of other cultures and religions.

They all enjoyed cooking, so we allowed them to plan meals....and they went out with a budget and bought the food, and came home and cooked it...and got instant feedback on how well they had done!

We all liked doing Robert Krampf's Free Experiment of the Week all of which could be done in your every day home.

We'd go to car boot sales with their pocket money-given a free reign to spend as they chose, they came back with an interesting range of toys/tools/books/dressing up clothes/chemistry sets which then gave us lots of other directions to look for interests.

It didn't all just happen overnight-but if I could summon a spark, they would often follow.

It sounds like you all just need a bit of a spark lighting to get you all interested in being out and about.
Hope that helps a little?

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