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two maybe three more weeks and...

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MyDadWasADesertRat Sun 21-Aug-11 22:56:37

..its back to 'oooh, no school today then?' every time we go in a shop/doctors/library etc


musicposy Sun 21-Aug-11 23:07:21

Yes, I've rather missed that over the holidays grin.

I've taken to some increasingly obscure answers. My favourite in the early summer was to say my DD2 (11) was on "study leave". Which she was, she took a GCSE. Actually, nobody questioned it; people just looked at me as if I was extremely weird and possibly slightly dangerous grin

I love this. I've probably linked it before but it still makes me laugh (and I really want to try some out!).

ommmward Mon 22-Aug-11 08:32:15

I can't wait to get back to our favourite haunts being sensibly full of people, most of whom are considerably larger or smaller than mine, rather than this sea of children the same size as mine wickedly conspiring to make sure I lose an offspring or two.

We pretty much hibernate over the summer holidays, muttering "roll on September" through gritted gradgrind teeth

CheerMum Mon 22-Aug-11 11:17:59

musicposy i have just laughed out loud...unfortunately i had a mouthful of crisps so have sprayed my laptop screen...nice. what a brilliant list!

i'm counting the days til the little buggers go back to school and we can start going out again. like ommmward we hide at home through the school hols. near to us a brilliant new play area has just opened and we went a couple of time last week and dd got all excited saying "i can't wait until september when we can have this place to ourselves"

ahhhh no queues, no screaming banshees little darlings.
counting down the days

MyDadWasADesertRat Mon 22-Aug-11 20:09:50

Yep, the park empty of the screaming hords Roll on September indeed.

northernmumto3 Mon 22-Aug-11 21:58:20

My eldest is 6 so has probably looked a bit borderline for whether he would be school age or not, so we've not had that so far..but maybe we will after September.

MyDadWasADesertRat Thu 25-Aug-11 02:16:35

Yep northern I reckon you'll be hearing it pretty soon! my eldest is also six but she's been getting that for a while. Perhaps people are nosier where we live?

A simple 'I dont go to school' from her usually turns said inquisitor to me with their eyebrows raised. I then say 'we homeschool' and it's either two standard issue responsenses 1) 'OOh really? Good for you - I wish I'd done that with mine' followed by them telling her how free and lucky she is or 2) 'Oh. <long awkward pause> dont you worrry about socialisation?' to which I respond 'she's talking to you isn't she?' hmm

Saracen Thu 25-Aug-11 09:29:30

LOL. It always used to amuse me when people would go on and on about socialisation while standing next to me watching my dd organise big games involving half the kids in the park.

My late mother in law was always a great one for ignoring reality because it didn't tally with her ideas. One conversation I had with her repeatedly would go something like this:

MIL: Where HAVE you been? I've been ringing you for days. You're never in.

Me: Yes, sorry you haven't been able to reach us. We were on a museum trip with the home ed group all day Monday, and yesterday dd went swimming with her friends in the morning and then to choir afterward. I've just dropped her off for a sleepover.

MIL: Don't you think you'd better send her to school? She ought to be mixing more with other children and so she can have some little friends.

MyDadWasADesertRat Thu 25-Aug-11 15:04:42

My inlaws ask me every six months or so 'Are you still HSing then?' when they know full well that we are. hmm

It does not compute.

throckenholt Thu 25-Aug-11 18:45:20

I get a lot of comments from people at work - about oh must be tough with the kids home for the summer (I work part time). I smile and agree - I can't be bothered to try and explain that they are HE so the school holidays make little difference to us (apart from not going to many places because they are too busy !).

We hibernate in the school holidays too.

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