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Exam access arrangements for AS/ADHD/handwriting difficulties

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streakybacon Sun 14-Aug-11 11:17:07

If anyone has time, would you mind having a look at my thread in Special Needs here

I could use some advice from people who've been in a similar position.


Tinuviel Sun 14-Aug-11 12:58:08

Have posted on your other thread.

Jamillalliamilli Mon 15-Aug-11 16:50:30

Also posted there. Good luck.

FionaJNicholson Mon 15-Aug-11 20:58:21


I've read the thread on the SEN board, but am answering here because it's a home ed answer.

If you find out exactly what the exam board requires, then it MAY be possible to get the local authority to pay for it, since it would count as SEN support for a home educated child, which can be claimed back by the local authority. I've just raised this with the Department for Education and I put their answer on my website

You could also write to your MP and ask him/her to raise it at the All Party Parliamentary Group meeting about LA support and access to exams next month.


streakybacon Tue 16-Aug-11 06:44:01

Thanks Fiona. I've been following your posts on various forums about home ed support for a while as my LEA is one of those that likes to pretend HE doesn't exist and hopes it will quietly go away grin.

I'll write to my MP as you suggest, though previous involvement with him has shown him to be a bit of a numnut and not particulary sympathetic in practice. We can only try!

FionaJNicholson Thu 18-Aug-11 07:13:50

Yes, please do write to your MP explaining as succinctly as you can what the problem is and what your local authority has said and what you'd like your MP to do (take up cudgels on your behalf?)

I gather that invitations went out yesterday to all MPs for the All Party Parliamentary Group meeting. Minister Nick Gibb will probably be there. I think that if MPs get a personal request from a constituent or two they really don't have much of an excuse for not attending a short meeting just down the corridor from where they'd be hanging out anyway. (They're all in London on Tuesdays.)

I've just updated the exams page on my website with more info about Access Arrangements for the actual exams and for controlled assessments.

The better-informed your MP is - especially if he knows that other areas (like mine in Sheffield...) are doing more than your council - the less he'll be fobbed off by the council saying they aren't allowed or whatever.

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