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Any HE's in Hampshire?

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nelehluap Fri 12-Aug-11 10:49:13

I am seriously thinking about HE'ing both my DDs - I have one aged 12 (Year 8) and one aged 7 (Year 3)....I've thought so much about HE'ing for a long time (years probably) but have always thought it wasn't the thing to do...and that to send them to school was the correct way to receive an education...but I'm now thinking differently. I received their school reports in July - both are brilliant - both DDs are well ahead of their 'expected levels' and I'm certainly very happy with both academically. I do feel quite strongly though that this level of achievement isn't simply down to their schooling but also down to a stable home environment and one where we encourage our children to do well with their homework, encourage them to read and go to the library and we also love museums, castles etc....

What disappoints me the most though is the 'type' of children that I see/hear/watch at both their schools....they are rude, extremely vocal, very insulting towards adults, have absolutely no respect for their teachers and at my eldest DD's senior school even the teachers can't control the children - yet she is at one of the best, if not the best, senior school in Hampshire. DD1 is a quiet child - she has a very nice group of friends but even these friends are changing into girls that quite honestly I find very loud and very shocking with how they talk....and I have to be honest when its school holidays it is nice for us all to have a break from her school mates altho should she wish to see them then that's fine.

I don't feel the curriculum these kids follow is very good - I don't feel they are being pushed along enough - even during the last few weeks of term in July my eldest said to me that she didn't see the point in going to school because they weren't learning anything - not that they were having a wind-down but because the entire lessons were spent with the teachers trying to control the kids. The kids swear at the teachers using some of the most foul language. My youngest is in a good school but even they have children her age that are so disruptive they have to empty the entire class of 30 children and put them in a safe environment whilst they wait for a child to finish throwing things around, swearing, and having four adults restrain him.

I just don't know whether HE'ing is the way to go. I work part-time (mornings) and am usually home during the afternoons but is that enough? Will they get bored with just me? Will they miss the social side of seeing friends?

Is there anyone in Hampshire on here that HE's? I really do need someone to talk to that lives near me to chat it over? I just feel that everyone gets one shot at being a child and learning and I want to get it right. TIA.

itsstillgood Fri 12-Aug-11 13:54:03

We're in South Hampshire, Gosport area. Have boys, 9 and 5 yos. Lots of us about in the county and in general a well trained helpful LEA.
Feel free to pm me or try one of the following groups to find people closer (suspect you are not near me if you have a good secondary school grin.
North Hampshire
Fareham and Gosport
Fordingbridge and Ringwood Area
Southampton area
East Hampshire and West Sussex

nelehluap Fri 12-Aug-11 14:13:09

thank you itsstillgood...I have pm'd you smile

musicposy Fri 12-Aug-11 14:55:57

We're on the West Sussex/ Hampshire border. My youngest is just coming up to Year 8 (she's still 11, but August birthday). I have two girls, both home ed, both taken out of school.
There's a good tuition group we know of that has loads of teens and does GCSEs with them - we don't go because I'd already started on the GCSE route for my eldest, plus it's Fareham which is a bit of a run for us, but we know lots of people who do. I don't think you'll have any trouble finding other people.

nelehluap Fri 12-Aug-11 15:47:51

musicposy...why do you HE?

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