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Cheap FEMALE Piano tutor in South Manchester?

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JazminKennedy Mon 25-Jul-11 20:34:08


i'm after a Piano tutor for my 6 year old daughter. I had a recomendation from a few homeschoolers but it was a guy and he charges £25/30 per 30 mins!shock I know thats the standard rate but still itsshockshock
Has anybody used any Music students from colleges/unis? I am based in South Manchester

greenbananas Mon 01-Aug-11 01:27:27

Hey, I'm cheap!!! - but I'm afraid that I live nowhere near you. Also, I can't teach kids how to read music, unless I learn with them (I love playing the piano, and can play most of the songs that I hear, but formal music tuition put me off learning the basics of reading music sad)

Do you know anyone who plays piano? Almost anyone would do, so long as they can inspire your daughter to play and to practise.

When I was learning, the 'formal approach' really put me off, but I was very grateful to people who showed me a good chord now and again...

JazminKennedy Mon 01-Aug-11 21:22:12

Hiya, i'm really not fussed with her learning to read music as she has been playing by ear since she was 2. Just really want someone to sit with her for a bit and see what level she is at and if she's progressing or not. My hubby plays the piano and when we get a 'free' moment over the weekend he sits with her, its very difficult coz he works late and the kids go to bed early. I've found a student near me, will give her a trial in 2 weeks. Thanx for your inputsmile

greenbananas Tue 02-Aug-11 22:16:03

That's great that she's playing by ear. Also great that your hubby can provide her with some inspiration and guidance. Hope the student works out well.

It was very late at night (after too much wine when I wrote my last post, and it probably wasn't worded as well at it might have been blush

Like I said, the formal approach put me off badly, but I do wish that I had learned to read music. Being a musical illiterate has really held me back.

Good luck with helping your daughter to achieve her musical potential smile

flussymummy Fri 05-Aug-11 20:01:51

Hi! As a professional musician, I would say that those rates sound pretty expensive. The Musician's Union suggests that £27 per hour should be the minimum fee, so it should be perfectly possible to find a good piano teacher for significantly less than you've been quoted before resorting to a student.
I don't think higher fees are necessarily an indication of a higher standard of playing or teaching either. I'm not a piano specialist, but I do play, and I only live about an hour away- would be very happy to listen to your daughter play and perhaps offer some suggestions.
I'm planning to home educate our two girls too, so it could be mutually beneficial- my nearly four-year-old loves being with "big girls"...

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