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Facebook home ed group

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ComeWhineWithMe Wed 13-Jul-11 16:48:58

I have started a group on FB for HE parents on MN. I thought it would be a good place to share links, ideas and have a moan to each other.

Feel free to join smile.!/groups/126977567388843

siblingrivalry Sat 01-Sep-12 16:54:26

Thanks smile

Gentleness Sat 01-Sep-12 20:17:42

I just requested to join the group! My profile pic is of me cuddling a remarkably cute baby.

RockingMoose Sun 02-Sep-12 10:11:50

Hi! I've been lurking around here for some time but never posted. I sent a request last night, my picture is of me blurry behind some grass and a blurry pink blob (DD) at the back grin My name is not English.

TyrannosaurusBex Sun 02-Sep-12 11:28:49

I just sent a request, don't have a pic yet (gremlins) but my initials are R.O.

julienoshoes Wed 05-Sep-12 12:29:03

If you have requested to join the mumsnet FB page or are going to send such a request....please send a message to one of the admins there and tell us about you, so we can get on with approving your membership of the group.

julienoshoes Sat 22-Sep-12 13:54:01


Mummymoonbeam Sat 22-Sep-12 19:18:06

Am going to attempt a join, been home educating 6 months now. Seem to be still stuck with school anxieties. sad need friends.

julienoshoes Fri 05-Oct-12 16:48:40

bumping because there seems to be an awful lot of new home ed families around

flussymummy Fri 05-Oct-12 18:23:57

Thanks Julie. Have tried to join before with no luck... Not sure what I'm doing wrong!

volley Fri 05-Oct-12 21:43:19

I've asked to join too - pic of me in a sunhat and blue bodywarmer hugging a tall man in a red t-shirt! Thanks

julienoshoes Fri 05-Oct-12 21:58:16

did you send a message to the admins flossy mummy? Or you could pm me here and tell me your name.

BrittaPerry Tue 16-Oct-12 12:51:34

I've sent a request :-D

I'm wearing glasses and posing, and my initials are AD

teacoffeewine Mon 29-Oct-12 23:10:29

I have messaged Admin, can i join please?

englishpigdog Tue 30-Oct-12 19:12:27

I have messaged you on fb.

Onadietcolabreak Wed 31-Oct-12 22:55:46

Hi, I'm very new to the board and HE (although I was for a few years) I hope I can join, Profile photo - me, red hair.

Really hoping to make some contacts with people with similar age HE DCs or if your new to HE like me smile

inkonapin Thu 08-Nov-12 22:22:18

Just requested to join. Profile pic is cartoon of woman breastfeeding while drinking pint of beer. Ahem.

julienoshoes Wed 14-Nov-12 14:51:37

There are a few people still waiting for approval to join the mumsnet FB page....if you have applied to join, I need you to send a message to one of the admins there, or send me a PM here, telling me why you want to join.

tink123 Wed 14-Nov-12 15:09:06

I posted this in wrong thread smile

Hi. I have a dd (10) who has sensory processing disorder and possible ODD. She is thriving at primary school at the moment. DH and I have always considered HE as Plan B if things went downhill. We would love it if secondary school works out but we won't hesitate to deregister her if it doesn't. Do you have to be HE before you can join the FB group?

julienoshoes Thu 22-Nov-12 14:23:42

Sorry for the delay tink123 people interested in finding out about home education for their children, are very welcome to join us, as well as those who are already home educating.

Please send me a pm here or a message to me as a admin there, when you apply, so we know who you are.

There are a number of people who have applied without sending a message.
I have tried to message all those waiting to join but a few of you have privacy settings to high for me to be able to do that-if that applies to you please do message me!

twinklesparkles Mon 03-Dec-12 18:28:09

Can I have the name of the group please to type into my search bar

My phone won't open the link. Its my phones fault .. It just hates everything :D

hamstered Tue 01-Jan-13 01:03:41

I'm there and my pic is my cat!

catbus Thu 07-Feb-13 19:11:08

Just a reminder, can those asking to join please PM one of the admins (myself or Julienoshoes) on FB. There are quite a few new requests and personally I am not on MN very often to check descriptions! smile

Jo1717 Mon 29-Apr-13 16:07:25

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

twinklesparkles Sun 19-May-13 12:20:36

Have requested to join. Initials sa. Couldnt find a mod to pm them though :/

LucyBucy Mon 20-May-13 20:44:16

Hi, I've requested to join - got a playdough picture. I don't know how to PM confused

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