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Where do I start?

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crazygracieuk Tue 28-Jun-11 11:54:47

I have 3 children and we are moving house over the summer holidays. The new area is unlikely to have a place for my middle child who will be in Y4 in September. I will be appealing for a place based on her younger sibling being there but I have no idea how likely it will succeed.
As I am a SAHM I'd prefer to HE rather than send her to a school on bus 7 miles away where there is a space.

I'd like to start research and preparing now and wanted to know where to start? I will meet home ed groups after we move and see if we are a good fit or not but how do you decide what to teach, how long each day, what books etc?

I have looked online for home ed groups in the new area so will hopefully be contacted by them so that I can learn more but in the mean time what preparation should I be doing?

homeedmam11 Tue 28-Jun-11 21:56:11

My daughter will be year 4 in September
We use CGP Books at the moment and my daughter loves learning with them as they are more challenging than what we used before. We do about 2 hours each morning, then go out some afternoons to park, library, swimming etc. You can get lots of worksheets online

Kayteee Wed 29-Jun-11 00:14:32

You don't need to follow the curriculum for a start. No 'preparation' needed.
Just enjoy moving and settling in to your new place. No one has the legal right to say if you are 'good, fit' or not.

Good idea to meet up with other home educators just from a social point of view.

Look up Education Otherwise on the internet which will give you a lot of info.
all the best, smile

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