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Free engineering summer schools, Norwich

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Saracen Sat 18-Jun-11 23:33:52

OPITO Engineering Summer School for Year 10 (age 14) and above

Five day summer school at Hethel Engineering Centre, Norwich from 25th – 29th July.

They are also running a number of two day activities at the following locations in Norwich:

15th & 16th Aug @ Thorpe St Andrew High School
17th & 18th Aug @ Hethel Engineering Centre
22nd & 23rd Aug @ Acle High School"

For details of these events see the flyer you can download as a PDF document from Anyone not on Facebook is welcome to email me and I could forward the flyer to you.

It's a long way away from me, and they are nonresidential courses. But they look so appealing to me that I think when my dd is old enough I might just try to get a cheap Travelodge room nearby for the week!

They come highly recommended by several HE folks on national lists.

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