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otchayaniye Wed 15-Dec-10 09:37:13

I am not sure whether I will home ed but am thinking about it. My daughter is 2 and demanding to read, knows the alphabet, numbers etc etc, reads some words by sight and wondered if there are any resources out there for doing any DIY games/puzzles and flashcards.

I know, I know, sounds hideously hothousey - I think any mention of flashcards and toddlers brings out the naysayers. But you've not met my daughter. Her speaking was very early and sentences at 13-14 months and speaks like a three year old. Seems to be absorbing stuff like a sponge.

I read a lot and she's memorised all her stories. I just want to vary the pleasure she gets from words and numbers. This is PLAY of course, nothing more, nothing less.

Tinuviel Wed 15-Dec-10 13:27:22

We used Letterland resources from about 2 and DS1 loved them. I think they are a nice introduction to letters with lots of fun. There are games/jigsaw/books/workbooks - lots of fun stuff. We had a couple of videos as well - don't know if you can get them on DVD!

Fivefingers Wed 15-Dec-10 15:10:03

I second Letterland, we only use the book though (have not tried the other Letterland resources). My daughter loves the book, often wants me read it for her for bedtime.

mychildrenarebarmy Wed 15-Dec-10 15:57:51

My DD 7 loved starfall and my DS 3 is really enjoying it too. . It is a US site so some of the pronunciation is different (z = zee rather than zed).It goes from the basics of letter sounds up to reading whole stories. It's really easy to navigate for little ones with basic mouse using abilities. My DS also quite likes the alphablocks part of the cbeebies website.

And there is nothing hothousey about providing your DD with opportunities to play with words/letters/sounds if that is what she enjoys!

You could also try a free trial of education city which has games from pre-school age up to Y6. I do have a refer a friend code for it if you would like it but would have to search it out. I wouldn't dare to tell you that they often extend your free trial at the end of the first one if you don't sign up straight away wink

anastaisia Thu 16-Dec-10 11:46:33

Dd 5 likes Reading Eggs on the computer. It is a paid for game but you get a 2 week free trial so you could see if it's the right level or too old for your DD without having to pay anything. They also do codes sometimes to give you extra free weeks (we haven't ever bought it yet, just play when we get a code)

She also has a 'work box' (her name for it not mine) that sits in the kitchen; I print out puzzles (free worksheets from lots of different sites) and colouring to put in it and she sometimes chooses to do them while I cook or wash up. We like the Be A Mathematician free resources and have just started to look through these others for suitable sheets: - DD isn't SEN, but some of the harder puzzles/less difficult reading suits her anyway

It's all 'doing puzzles' for us too, DD decides when and how long for, and even if she's going to do the sheets the way they're intended or change the rules to some strange puzzle that only she understands!

mycarscallednev Sat 18-Dec-10 11:02:36

Parents in Touch have masses of ideas and worksheet printables, SEN teacher is excellent as you can customise your own numeracy and literacy sheets if you go to the page for handwriting, activity village and ichild are also very good. have some christmas on-line and printables that are great for this time of year. Try also the BBC education site and Alphablocs on the cebeebies site.

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