Are there good free online courses for adults?

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Octavia09 Wed 20-Oct-10 12:17:17

I have heard of vision2learn only. Is there anything else?

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whomovedmychocolate Thu 21-Oct-10 07:19:03

What are you trying to learn? Microsoft has free online training in all it's software if you google?

Octavia09 Thu 21-Oct-10 09:32:23

I have not worked for more than four years. I would love to find a job now. Although I do not like PAs or anythingg administrative I would consider it but for this I need to improve my administrative skills. vision2learn has lots of nice courses but they never respond. I have read about them on Dooyoo and their reputation is poor. I will have a look at the Microsoft, many thanks.

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maverick Sat 23-Oct-10 15:45:42

Have a look at
-videos covering maths, chemistry, biology, bit of history, finance...

Octavia09 Thu 28-Oct-10 10:42:20

Thanks! I will have a look at it.

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louandcupoftea Thu 28-Oct-10 11:10:49

have a look at the Open University-open learn. They are free and are parts of their paid courses. There are all sorts of subjects and an on-line community so you can talk to others doing the course.

Octavia09 Fri 29-Oct-10 17:25:59

louandcupoftea, thank you. I like it. I remember MIT used to do the same but for me Open University is more suitable as I am in the UK. Will check what I need and print it. Have not studies for a long time.

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toniarchie Thu 20-Oct-16 20:00:02

hello i have done nothing with my life and what to make a change as iv always relied on a man and im fed up with it im bored and want to do it by my self im trying to find a job or learn or do some online course but i have failed to fine any for free as i have no money can anyone help me xxxxxx

Hulababy Thu 20-Oct-16 20:01:51

I do short courses via FutureLearn

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