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Oh boy help me please I am a greeny re HE

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Expatforever Tue 24-Aug-10 14:54:35

Hello Ladies - I am back with a few questions again. Could you please reassure me that I am taking a good decision in enrolling
- Our 10 year old (almost 11) and going into year 6 at Briteschool and
- Our just turned 8 year old and going into year 4 at Primary Home Education (mainly due to age restriction at Brite). Is this my best alternative to Brite as an expat living in Thailand?

I have had e-mail communication with Primary Home ED but am struggling to get a reply from Brite. Please help - why are they not replying to my mails? Is it reason for concern? I send them a message via their site as well as via mail and it also appears as if they struggled with spam and changed e-mail details. Please help me get into contact with Dom.

mumof4darlings Wed 25-Aug-10 17:16:37

I can recommend both briteschool and interhigh. The primary class at briteschool was excellent for my daughter! I expect Dom is just away on holiday, he usually gets back really quickly. Will both your children be in the same class, ,or will one be going into the lower secondary class?

mumof4darlings Wed 25-Aug-10 17:19:28

whoops sorry i see your youngest is studying with primary home education. Did you know interhigh takes children from 10? my daughter did primary briteschool then interhigh. We were very impressed with interhigh and you will see their prices are about the same. Very well organised, termly reports and extra curricular lessons were really enjoyable! Hope this helps!

Expatforever Thu 26-Aug-10 11:55:09

Thank you for replying. I guess Dom is on holiday (we sent mails, a fax and phoned without getting a reply/answer).

I will take a look at interhigh as well. She is going into year 6, so still primary. In fact - off to take a close look at interhigh.


mumof4darlings Thu 26-Aug-10 12:32:06

I know several people that have started interhigh at age 10 and managed ok! I know there is a huge difference in cost between primary fees and secondary though, so thats something to consider. I know Interhigh have had some good igcse results this year! There is always someone in the office also if you call them! We were impressed with them! even went to the interhigh weekend in brecon in march, and it was lovely to see everyone meet each other in real life! if you have anymore questions please ask away!

AMumInScotland Thu 26-Aug-10 12:43:43

Just another positive vote for Interhigh here, if you're thinking of going that route. DS was only with them for years 10 and 11 (if I've got that right, for GCSEs anyway) so I can't tell you about the younger years, but we were very happy with it and he got a good set of results.

StandingAtTheBackLookingStupid Thu 26-Aug-10 13:18:10

We never had any problems getting hold of Dom whilst my ds was at Briteschool, so perhaps he is away at the moment.

Don't have any experience of Interhigh but we were really happy with Briteschool and my ds achieved exceptional iGCSE results there so don't give up on them

Expatforever Fri 27-Aug-10 10:09:02

Thank you all for replying. My DD turns 11 in October and she passed year 5 with 5b's and 5c's in the SATS. She is talented and also very comfortable on the internet so going into year 7 should actually not pose any problems at all. I will keep Interhigh as an option. The site looks clean and easily navigable too which is another plus point.

I do however prefer Brite for a few different reasons other than just age. It appears to be more progressive and creative in approach and I also like the photography/ict/japanese etc options. All of us practice photography as a hobby and my DH is semi professional and often publishes work. The kids are very creative (arts/music/graphic design/blogging/creative writing) and I feel that Brite would be the better option to scaffold DD both academically as well as with these extra interests.

Wow this is crazeeee. LOL. I am actually a human development professional myself but have never deeply looked into HE as the need never arose. No I have to eat humble pie, change my previous views on traditional HE and jump in and make a success of it all. Online however is very different from traditional HE - pity that my son is too young to enter the online environment hmm There is only one way to survive this transition in our lives, the current economical recession, moving countries etc and that is to stay positive and focus on the great experience we will have as a family during this journey. Thank you for helping me out and answering my questions. It is highly appreciated. Now I just need to get hold of Dom . . .

mumof4darlings Fri 27-Aug-10 20:52:22

interhigh runs ict sessions and creative writing sessions also throughout the year. Do check that the photography sessions and ict sessions are up and running, as often there werent enough students interested so they didnt get run. Japanese was ran by a lovely little student, but im not sure whether she is there anymore. Just a few more things to consider!

ignis Thu 29-Sep-11 18:16:46

thought you could have a quick look at Academy 21 and Periplus Education as well as Interhigh and Briteschool. Notschool also offers online tuition though not live as those mentioned above. Structtured Home Education will send you materials to work through and they are very cheap comparing to live tuition offered by Periplus, Academy 21 and others.

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