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Another Home Ed sucess !

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StandingAtTheBackLookingStupid Thu 12-Aug-10 12:05:08

My ds got his iGCSE results today and has done really well - he got 5 A*s and 3 As. He got percentages ranging from 80% to 96% in the 8 subjects he took. He has taken his results totally in his stride but I have a permanemt silly grin on my face at the moment !
He has been home educated from age 7 but has been at an internet school - Briteschool for the last few years so they have tutored him for his iGCSEs and have done a great job.

He is now going to go to a local sixth form to study for the International Baccalaureate.

ben5 Thu 12-Aug-10 12:06:19

well done!

swallowedAfly Thu 12-Aug-10 12:09:06

Message withdrawn

StandingAtTheBackLookingStupid Thu 12-Aug-10 12:30:09

Thanks all !

Briteschool have quite a few international students - America, Japan, Middle East, Spain and somehow manage to accomodate the different time zones in their lesson times, so you would probably be able to use them wherever you go swallowedAFly grin We have been very pleased with their teaching and think he really could not have done better anywhere. Especially as they offer the iGCSE rather than standard GCSE, which we are hoping will stand him in good stead for the future.

SDeuchars Thu 12-Aug-10 18:42:18

Well done, SATBLS!

I publish (anonymous) results at

If you (or anyone else) would like your DC's results to be included, please send the following info to

Per person:
Name, DoB, Town, County, Postcode, SEN (if any), length of EHE

Per qualification:
Board, Exam, Subject, Grade, Year taken

The identifying information is used only to ensure that I do not include the same result twice. Only summaries are put on the website so no individual can be identified.

musicposy Fri 13-Aug-10 00:48:56

Well done - amazing results!

Saracen Sun 15-Aug-10 00:40:31

Congratulations to him. That's great news!

K69S Sat 19-Nov-16 21:16:54

Hello all.
My DS (yr 10) is waiting tool be expelled from his grammar school later next week, for being directly and indirectly sending prank call to a female teacher. I have been advised by his current school that they will be willing to execute a managed move. This is so there is no permanent record of his expulsion. However the school in they are suggesting is a failing and my son would not only get an education he risks being bulled.
My son is a bright boy. He is very remorseful of his actions and wants to prove this that through achieving his grades. He was well on track and doing well to sit 11 IGCSE’s. We feel that should he achieve this he can go on to 6th form and move on.
Because all comprehensives are full in and around are area with waiting lists we are considering home education using one of the many online schools.
Can anyone give me any advice on this and grades achieved.
This was only confirmed on Friday and we are still very much upset as you can imagine.
I would be so grateful for any advice.
Kind Regards Kim.

ReallyTired Sat 19-Nov-16 23:07:24

You could appeal the expulsion and if your son has an otherwise perfect behaviour record you would stand a good chance of him being reinstated. It's not easy to expel a child from a state school. The difficulty is that if the expulsion is upheld then he would be sent to a pupil referral unit rather than straight to a mainstream school.

Going to a comprensive with low results is not the end of the world. Most parts of the country do not have grammar schools. In many ways it's easier to sit and pass GCSEs at a low achieving comp than home education. There is no difficulty finding an exam centre and less moviation is require required.

The suggestion that somehow he won't get an education at a secondary modern/ comp is ridiculous. I don't see why you think he would be bullied.

mirokarikovo Sat 19-Nov-16 23:20:59

Not every pupil at a failing school is going to fail.
Not every school that is failing is doing so because their brightest students aren't doing well.
Rather than shielding your son from the consequences of his actions (was that "prank call to a female teacher" sexually abusive and predatory and yet somehow supposed to be shrugged off as "just a joke" by any chance?) he would learn so much more if he was not protected like a special snowflake.
Let him go to the "failing" school and see for himself how privileged he has been. Rather than home educate you could add to what he learns at school with additional home tuition. If he's as bright and as remorseful as you describe he will still get a decent education and with hard work and a lot less of an easy ride than the one he threw away can still get good enough grades to get a place at a good 6th form.

anotherdayanothersquabble Sat 19-Nov-16 23:25:32

K69S: Start your own thread.

Standing Awesome result!! Enjoy the reflected glory!!!

ReallyTired Sat 19-Nov-16 23:31:58

Lots of schools in deprived areas have good teaching. It is hard to get good results at school when your parents have to choose between a hot meal and putting the heating on. The pupil premium is starting to make a difference, but it has been too recent to close the gap for year 10 children.

In grammar areas a lot of bright children from low income families lose out as the parents can't afford tutoring or they pick the secondary modern because there is no need to pay the bus fare and the uniform is cheaper. Often immigrants have to go to the secondary modern even if they are bought. Your son might find that he is not the brightest child in the secondary modern.

Manumission Sat 19-Nov-16 23:34:59

Congratulations to him! 🎉🍾⭐️

Showmetheminstrels Thu 24-Nov-16 23:21:55

Brilliant result, congratulations to you all smile

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