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Paint Colour? Please look a picture and help me choose from 5 colours.

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mummaemma Sat 03-Aug-13 14:28:37

Cant decide, i like all of them :-)

Please vote for your favourites.

Top Left: Blue Green Top right: Dix Blue
Middle Left: Lichen Middle Right: Vert De Terre
Bottom: French Grey

Thanks for your help

LizzyDay Sat 03-Aug-13 14:31:51

Blue Green or Vert de Terre

I have so been there with these colours, it's hard isn't it! grin

noddyholder Sat 03-Aug-13 14:34:10


mummaemma Sat 03-Aug-13 16:40:01

thankyou, anyone else please.

MadCap Sat 03-Aug-13 17:01:05


mummaemma Sat 03-Aug-13 20:39:22


onlysettleforbutterflies Sat 03-Aug-13 20:52:21

Blue green. My sil has similar and it looks great, she gets lots of compliments on it. Good luck..

ggirl Sat 03-Aug-13 20:54:17

Dix blue or the blue green

mummaemma Sat 03-Aug-13 20:55:05


LizzyDay Sun 04-Aug-13 08:04:47

Can you post a pic of the tiles on the path? Some paint might go better than others with them?

mummaemma Sun 04-Aug-13 08:38:24

didnt think of matching it in with the path. thankyou lizzyday.

LizzyDay Sun 04-Aug-13 09:56:57

Hmm - sludgy greens maybe better - french grey

noddyholder Sun 04-Aug-13 10:26:26

I would go with a heritage white with the minton floor. ALl the colours linked are a bit too green for the blue thats in there. Or a sludgy colour like the stone in the tiles?

SalvatoreGirl Mon 05-Aug-13 19:57:43


Alwayscheerful Mon 05-Aug-13 20:05:47

I am with Noddy.

The bricks are too red for the colours you have chosen (but I love all the colours).

What colour are your roof tiles/slates and do you have a gravel drive or path?

Farrow & Ball recommend certain colours to go with red brick.

mummaemma Tue 06-Aug-13 11:04:43

ok now thinking about a grey colour. Saw this. What do you think. It has red brick. The path is concrete but there is gravel path under the front windows. Roof is also reddy/brown.

MadAboutHotChoc Tue 06-Aug-13 11:11:15

The blues are better with red brick and go well with your tiles (although I love the sludgy country colours). Hague blue is a lovely one if you want to go dark? Or if there is burgundy in the tiles - how about that?

noddyholder Tue 06-Aug-13 11:12:13

I like that grey one

MadAboutHotChoc Tue 06-Aug-13 11:12:13

Grey is lovely but does not go with the tiles?

mummaemma Tue 06-Aug-13 14:15:09

i not bothered really about matching the the colour in with the tiles. The tiles are only on the step (1 sq metre and not on the whole path) more important to match with the brick. heres a better picture.

Alwayscheerful Tue 06-Aug-13 14:50:56

click on images and see what you fancy, i need time to

Alwayscheerful Tue 06-Aug-13 15:04:21

Alwayscheerful Tue 06-Aug-13 15:04:38

click on images and see what you fancy, i need time to consider.

Alwayscheerful Tue 06-Aug-13 15:26:56

Ball Green for red brick houses
Castle Gray for yellow stone houses
Elephant's Breath or Bone for grey stone houses
Chappell Green or Berrington Blue for red brick houses in East Anglia

I doubt your house is in east anglia but the brick seems similar

google Chappell Green then click images
google Berrington Blue then click images

MadAboutHotChoc Tue 06-Aug-13 15:45:19

Your house is very red - roof, bricks etc and a strong colour for the door will look best otherwise a pale coloured door will look washed out. The blue green is as pale as I would go. Try painting a large sheet of paper/cardboard in that colour to put on door and taking a pic of the whole house to see if it will work.

Sludgy greens are for honey coloured bricks.

Greys look great with houses that has a slate coloured roof or has white/grey walls.

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