Modern chairs with Georgian dining table?

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MissLucyEyelesbarrow Tue 30-Mar-21 13:46:30

I've been lucky enough to inherit a Georgian dining table. It is a simple design, which I really like, but it didn't come with any chairs and I hate all antique dining chairs.

Has anyone got ideas for contemporary chairs that might go with it? I love seeing antique and modern furniture mixed together when it's done well, but I am useless at choosing for myself. Any ideas welcome smile

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ostrom Tue 30-Mar-21 15:30:28

Could you post a photo (or a similar style table from the internet if too outing). What colours are your room and what colours do you like?

MammaMiaWallace Tue 30-Mar-21 15:36:48

Timothy Oulton mimi dining chairs come in a range of leather/fabric/velvet etc and imo Oulton pieces sit nicely juxtaposed against antiques.

MissLucyEyelesbarrow Tue 30-Mar-21 18:48:34

Thanks for replies. It's similar to this one.

At the moment, the room is a rather weird matt grey, which we inherited when we moved in. We will repaint but haven't chosen the colour scheme yet, so we can work round the chairs.

The room does get a lot of light. so I wouldn't go for anything upholstered in dark blue or another colour likely to fade.

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MissLucyEyelesbarrow Tue 30-Mar-21 18:52:38

Thank you for that suggestion, @MammaMiaWallace. The Mimi in a linen might well work - contemporary but won't clash with the table.

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Annasgirl Tue 30-Mar-21 18:53:54

OP look for ideas on Pinterest. Search antique table, modern chairs. Because what you like will be subjective to you.

Imtoooldforallthis Wed 31-Mar-21 16:28:03

What about knocker back chairs something like this.

ceilingsand Wed 31-Mar-21 23:26:56

That table! 😍

OliviaRwhite Mon 12-Apr-21 09:22:16

Kartell ghost chairs

or designer copy

That way you can show off table and rug underneath if you want to add more of a design statement.

windmill26 Mon 12-Apr-21 23:40:13

Kartell Ghost in Powder or Light Blue ,Smoke Grey or Green.
Kartell RE-CHAIR in Grey or Green.
Kartell THALYA in Crystal
Muuto Fiber Side Chair Tube Base in Grey or Dusty Green
Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair in Blue
Fritz Hansen NO2 Recycle Chair Blue or Grey
If your table is the same colour as the one in the pic ,blue chairs would look fantastic with it.Very stylish.All the above have the right shape for that kind of table. Whatever you end up choosing ,please buy originals not copies.They may cost more but they will end up giving you a lot of pleasure and they will be with you for a very long time if not forever . Let us know what you decide ...I am curious!

tilder Tue 13-Apr-21 13:07:43

Make sure you measure the height of the table relative to the chairs. Beautiful table.

Mosaic123 Tue 13-Apr-21 19:25:41

Those Kartell look perfect. Make sure they are comfortable enough for you before you buy though.

JaninaDuszejko Fri 16-Apr-21 21:22:56

One thing to remember if you buy a modern designer plastic chair, they are cold to sit on (I have a Ghost, and some others) so you'll need cushions. Wood is a lot warmer to sit on so a Series 7 chair would be my prefered option.

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