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Help with choosing sofas, chair & rug

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Notwatchingtvtoday Mon 14-Sep-20 09:26:01

Hi we are redoing our lounge, last done 10 years ago and replacing 13 year old brown leather sofas, cream walls and beige curtains, all warmed up with turquoise and mustard velvet cushions and a stripy ikea large rug.

I want it look fab and very luxurious, warm and inviting. We will re paint walls and have a new 3 seat sofa, loveseat, chair, rug and curtains, I’m struggling with the colour scheme.

I like the look of Loaf sofas, would like velvet and am thinking of grey or blue for the sofa and loveseat and rose pink for the chair, with a very large rug.

Do you think that would work, or has anyone got any photos of rooms that look fab? Any suggestions of lovely rugs.

I am being quite indecisive as it so much money to spend and I really don’t want to get it wrong.

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LizzieMacQueen Mon 14-Sep-20 10:03:39

Have you looked on Pinterest?

Your ideas sound like my own tastes and we've only just got round to painting the room, one of the F&B greys.

I would focus on one or two pieces you love, eg rug and coffee table and build from there. Our principal piece is a walnut sideboard.

Nice places to shop, BoConcept, John Lewis, Heals, Conran Shop. Even if that's just 'window' shopping you'll get an idea on how the place pieces of furniture together.

PinotMa Mon 14-Sep-20 10:59:11

Are the turquoise and mustard the new additions or the old scheme, I'm unclear? What colour are the new walls, floor and curtains? And what's your home like- eg is it modern or old inside? A photo would be really useful OP, to see the room as it is?

You are on point with the velvet sofa which is still a really big trend and will probably last quite a few years. Navy is a great base colour, fashionable now but set to be in style for the next decade as sofas are longer term purchases. It's super practical and works with a bunch of other colours so that if you wanted to refresh your cushions and accessories regularly you could. Navy will also withstand entire wall colour repaints.

Millennial pink is very nice but it peaked in 2019 so I think you'd be risking it looking dated quite quickly. Grey was huge around 2017 but its past its peak so I think in a year or so you'd regret that. I would suggest going with jewel tones, certainly for furnishings, such as teal, emerald, dark magenta or plum etc. Alongside dark walls this looks great, or you can style with lighter base walls if you prefer. I would choose your chair in a jewel toned velvet.

As you mentioned you want luxury, one big trend at the moment for 2021 is Art Deco, and this works well with velvet and jewel tones. You can add accessories with gold, or glass elements, and include deco print cushions or rug. Plants also work nicely with this.

Alternatively if this is too luxe for you, then the Scandinavian trend has been updated to Scandi Noir - so the same emphasis on natural textures and clean lines but with less grey and a darker more luxe pallette. Eg teaming your navy velvet sofa with sheepskin, wood, wool, and dark or black accessories etc. This could work with a tan leather accent chair. Plants also look great with this.

I would choose your furniture in a classic style with feet, so that there is space underneath the sofa, chair, coffee table etc and it adds to the illusion of space.

Finally I tend to chop and change my cushions every season so that I get a nice refresh! I keep the old covers on underneath and change back when I'm bored! So you could have a summer and winter variation!

Good luck! Here are a few images of the above ideas - will post again below x

PinotMa Mon 14-Sep-20 11:00:01

More images

PinotMa Mon 14-Sep-20 11:00:33


Notwatchingtvtoday Mon 14-Sep-20 11:15:25

Thank you so much for the ideas, I love the jewel colours. The chairs are the kind of thing I am thinking of. The turquoise and mustard are some cushions I have added to give the existing colour scheme a boost and to see what I think, they are from designers guild and interestingly we all prefer the brighter colours.
The house is Edwardian, and I have always tended to go with lighter walls, it’s currently painted in a colour match to F&Bs Skimming Stone, which I really like.
I am going to go for a look in John Lewis and Heals to see what I like. I am trying to get that luxury look without it being to matched. Will take a photo and post later.
Thank you so much for the advice it’s really helped.

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PinotMa Mon 14-Sep-20 12:33:12

Sounds great. Those ideas would work really well in an Edwardian house. The skimming stone is fairly similar to the image in that last message, with the green sofa. Perhaps you could use that as the basis for your idea. Very exciting!

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