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Preparing for carpet fitting advice please

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planthelpplease Sun 13-Sep-20 15:58:16

Haven't had carpet fitted before and am panicking that that carpet fitter will turn up and be angry with me for something. The fitter is doing a bedroom, stairs and landing and living room. The flat is not huge so there's limited space for the furniture to go. Am not sure how to prepare. I have taken up the previous carpet and disposed of it, I have take out all staples and tacks in the stairs and had the stairs fixed as they needed repair. I am planning on emptying drawers and book shelves and moving all furniture in the rooms towards one end.

Can you think of anything else? When you had your place fitted, what did you do?

I can't entirely empty rooms as there is nowhere for the furniture to go.

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chipsandpeas Sun 13-Sep-20 16:01:04

empty the rooms the best you can but what you cant move out of the room place into the one corner so the rest of the room can be laid then the stuff just gets moved for the job to finish
they should understand just makes the job a bit longer

planthelpplease Sun 13-Sep-20 16:07:16

Thank you! I have spoken to the fitter about the furniture being there but he seemed ok. He just said move it away from the door to the other end of the room, which is what I'll do. I said I'll help him move it around, if he needs me to.

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Oblomov20 Sun 13-Sep-20 16:22:31

Please don't worry, they are so used to moving beds etc around.

TheHighestSardine Sun 13-Sep-20 16:27:24

Don't be anxious - they fit in pensioner's houses with absolutely no prep and no physical help from the homeowner, what you've done is already way above average.

Tea and nice biscuits though. Always tea and biscuits.

planthelpplease Sun 13-Sep-20 16:48:54

Thank you. I'm just really concerned, as I don't like messing people around. He's busy and I don't want to make his job more difficult. I'll get in some biscuits and there's plenty of tea - good plan. I'm storing what I can in the kitchen and bathroom.

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rosegoldwatcher Sun 13-Sep-20 16:53:20

Thanks for this thread OP - I need all three of our bedrooms carpeted and have been putting off the phone call to JLP due to (unresolved) mental jenga of beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers etc.

planthelpplease Sun 13-Sep-20 16:57:43

No problem. It's a nightmare having to think of everything especially when you have more than one room to carpet. Took months to choose the carpet, then underlay! Call them and get it over and done with.

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