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Divan Beds

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disgruntled515 Tue 08-Sep-20 13:34:28

I currently have quite a small bedroom, so there isn't much space between the end of the bed and drawers. I have a wood effect bed frame with slats, so the mattress sits in the frame and the legs and headboard add extra length and width. I also have a gap between the headboard and the wall. I'd like to have a fabric covered headboard to match my Roman blind. A divan with headboard attached to the wall would give back around 10 inches of space due to the base not protruding out of the mattress, which would make a big difference and mean not bumping our legs on the bedposts.

I've never had a divan bed - are they any good? We're planning on moving in 2 years and upgrading to a king/super king anyway, so would it work to get a cheap divan and sell it on? Or does it really make a difference in comfort? Current bed is a pretty basic slatted JL frame, so nothing fancy.

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