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F&B eggshell - 4 coats?

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11stoneTess Tue 01-Sep-20 08:33:27

Hi all

Painted a cabinet in Pointed, but now its back in it's rightful place its very yellow. It's in a north facing room in a low light corner.

Option A. Sand it down and start over.
Option B. Put two coats of Wimborne White on top (which would be 4 coats)

Don't think I can use a proper white because the rest of the furniture in this room is cream. When I put white near the furniture, it makes the furniture read more yellow.

I'm really looking for a barely ivory sort of colour, in eggshell.

What would you do?


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onlinelinda Tue 01-Sep-20 16:25:40

I think Wimborne would do it.

11stoneTess Tue 01-Sep-20 20:58:04

Thanks Linda, i'll give it a go tomorrow.

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onlinelinda Tue 01-Sep-20 22:33:55

I did a Dulux copy of it in a dining room and it's perfect and not yellow to my eye.

11stoneTess Thu 03-Sep-20 14:07:54

Two coats of wimborne are now on, and it looks no different to the pointed. Must be because of the light in that space. Perhaps on sunnier days it'll look different.

Can't be bothered to paint it again though. And besides, it is a match for the other furniture when its next to them.

Dont think i'll bother with F&B again, my first try and doesnt appear to be worth the price. Will colour match in other brands in future.

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SNDDecorating Mon 07-Sep-20 20:52:52

It may be that the darker colour underneath changes the shade a touch. Farrow and Ball do provide primers for this, granted they are both light bases but a Lighter over Darker coat is touch and go.

F&B get their colours from a higher solids content (more minerals and such) rather than colourant(dyes) so it acts a bit different than some people expect it to.

F&B CAN be amazing when its used in places that highlight why its a good paint. Most of the time you would be better off, at least your bank balance would be, if you just got it mixed in Johnstones.

Bowerbird5 Tue 08-Sep-20 00:32:47

F&B Dimity. It has a pink tinge so a warm white.

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