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weight help!

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katey2020 Thu 20-Aug-20 21:55:38

Hi everyone I've been dieting for 5 days now but also tryed to diet a few times and nothing happens. I'm eating healthy salads,fruit,veg,chicken,pasta,crackers,fruit. Juice,yohurts , drink about 15 glasses of watter a day there 8 buy I've been getting really dry mouth last 5 days since on diet. I have a part time job 2.5 hours a day and job is hard work as so much mess so clean fast .and get 30 mins each way on biking to work.i only go to toilet 4 times a day and for saying I drink loads of fluids in a day and no pee? I'm eating 500-600 per day having breastfast at 7am- shake at 1pm then tea at 3pm the at 7.30 yogurt and fruit have to have tea at 3 as work at 4pm and there say not to eat after 7 any help how to lose weight fast I'm othe the limits doctor said. Also on depo inection

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Bowerbird5 Thu 20-Aug-20 22:16:24

I think you might want to try another thread.

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