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I’ve lost my ability to make a decision please help! Another paint one ..

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BighouseLittlemouse Sun 16-Aug-20 14:23:24

Hello everyone

As above I seem to have lost all decision making ability!

Am looking to repaint my living room - previous colour was fired earth papyrus. This is a repaint following my ex husband leaving me, and I feel like I no longer have any idea what I like as compromised for so long!

In brief - Victorian terrace. Double living room, main bit is west facing and light, but then the other half much less light as only has glass door to kitchen.

Sofas are a light cream ( not yellow cream, slight pinkish tone if anything). I’ve replaced cushions with bright pink and aubergine ones and have a deep aubergine lamp. Curtains are pretty neutral and ignoring them! Other half of the room is kids play area - has some what I would call Scandinavian blues in it.

Anyway I’m stuck on a colour for the walls. Looking for something fairly pale. I’ve had so many samples and am starting to lose the plot. Currently looking at LG rolling fog mid or fired earth wax myrtle but then thought maybe not a greyish tone. Also looked at LG hollyhock for just an off white.

Any suggestions gratefully received and sorry that was v long!!

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FlamedToACrisp Mon 17-Aug-20 03:19:53

From what you describe, Rolling Fog could be a good choice. I'd be tempted to go for LG Bath Stone if you want a less neutral colour choice.

BighouseLittlemouse Mon 17-Aug-20 12:47:26

Thank you Flamed will take a look at bath stone

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