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Raw wood - how do I finish it without darkening it?

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CBAMumma Sat 08-Aug-20 09:22:57

I've recenetly sanded back some wooden furniture which was medium-reddy colour. It is now a much lighter natural colour and looks lovey. I'd like to leave it as it is, but I understand I need to protect it in some way.

Having done some googling, I'm very confused as to how to best do this without changing the colour. It's only light use furniture so doesn't need a massive amount of protection.

What do I need to do?

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CatherinedeBourgh Sat 08-Aug-20 09:24:13

You can use a colouless varnish.

Lonelycrab Sat 08-Aug-20 09:29:02

I did some floors in Dulux diamond glaze after it was recommended. Once it’s on it’s like it’s barely there, hardly alters the tone at all, but makes the surface tough as nails, apparently they do dance floors and stuff with it as it’s so hard wearing. Dries quickly and doesn’t smell.

Costs a lot though.

FusionChefGeoff Sat 08-Aug-20 09:33:25

I had this exact problem and after lots of tests used a light coloured wax Osmo Wood Wax lightly steamed beech.

They do testers so you could order and check it's what you are looking for.

In my experience even clear varnish will darken raw wood.

budlea64 Fri 21-Aug-20 00:05:28

I used Polyvine decorators varnish on a sanded down wooden handrail for my stairs. I used gloss but they do one that has no shine at all. It’s not expensive, around £15. It also goes a very long way. Looks a milky colour but has no colour at all when it dries, not like some varnishes I’ve used which are a bit yellowy. I recommend it and would buy again. From the online seller that begins with ‘A’

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