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Dulux Timeless with black and yellow accessories?

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Darkestseasonofall Sun 09-Aug-20 20:00:33

My entire house is timeless, I have a warm mood flooring downstairs and cream carpets upstairs, I think it works best with warmer colours.
I'm not sure it would work with a true yellow, maybe a mustard yellow would be better.

sophiec35 Wed 05-Aug-20 12:54:38

Our living room is south-facing and I want to completely redo the colour scheme. We're using Dulux Timeless round the whole house so will use it for the living room too but no idea what colour accessories to go for.

My question is, would Dulux Timeless work with black and yellow accessories? If not, what colour accessories would you go for? I definitely want some colour, the room's been beige for too long.

We've currently got grey carpet but getting that ripped up for laminate flooring and also not sure what kind of colour to go for that goes with Timeless? Would a white-based flooring work best or a light oak based one?

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