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Grace76 Sat 01-Aug-20 16:03:58

I want to remove the bath and have a walking shower instead. When I went to the design visit in wickes the lady asked me what my floor was and I said concrete but it's actually lino and. Under that it's concrete so did I answer correct? I'm not sure.
Anyway she said I can't have a wetroom in a concrete floor and their workmen don't do it. She said I have to have a shower tray and enclosure or glass panel etc. But not a wetroom floor.
How difficult actually is it? And how much would it cost on top.

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newbathroomforme Sun 02-Aug-20 16:24:55

We’ve just had one installed the underfloor was concrete, I think it was then covered in some sort Or sealant then something call “jackoboard” then underfloor heating then tiles. I‘m no builder but logically I would have thought that concrete is the most suitable floor. Good luck with you wet room

newbathroomforme Sun 02-Aug-20 16:30:07

I’ve just googled it you certainly can you have concrete but you have to cut a drainage channel into it which trust me made a mess from hell.
We replaced everything totally gutted the bathroom back to the bricks ceiling new wiring lights everything and also did a small utility room (not a wet room floor), everything has been tiled floor to ceiling we bought high end sink loo shower etc total approx £14k!

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