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What material matches green velvet? Help!

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Threelilducks Wed 29-Jul-20 11:58:53

I have this petrol green sofa from and now need to buy a sofabed to match it. What fabric would work with dark green velvet?

This is the sofa:

Any ideas for a colour or material that matches velvet would be great. Thanks

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Mosaic123 Wed 29-Jul-20 14:13:38

Leather sofa? A nice contrast, rather than an almost match match. Could be green, navy, black or almost any colour. Similar shape sofa if possible would be good.

BarelyMerry Wed 29-Jul-20 14:24:32

Could go contrasting with a tartan - a pattern including that green shade, and maybe russet/ orange shades. A distressed tan leather would look great!

verypeckish Wed 29-Jul-20 14:39:04

Floral Chintz.

SatanicDesk Wed 29-Jul-20 14:52:28

Deep purple velvet. Agree that distressed leather would also look great!

It depends on the rest of the room though.

madcatladyforever Thu 30-Jul-20 18:36:55

I don't think it matters, I love that sofa by the way, I just bought two lovely sofas off
I have a green living room and I find burnt orange looks amazing with it. I don't think it matters what the fabric is a contrast is fine.

12309845653ghydrvj Fri 31-Jul-20 10:19:02

The green tone is quite dark so it’s almost a neutral and would go well with most things. Like a slick black leather, or a more textured light brown leather, or any kind of metallic. What does the rest of your room look like? I love the sofa, you could really pull off a great darker, modern scheme with blacks, leathers, that sofa and some metallics, maybe with some bookshelves and loads of lamp lighting. Then lots of little metallic accessories around the room to contrast.

RedPandaFluff Fri 31-Jul-20 10:21:54

I'm thinking a lovely mustard yellow in a contrasting texture.

No . . . ? grin

12309845653ghydrvj Fri 31-Jul-20 10:23:07

You have so many options, I think what colour sofabed you go for should be based on what you want the room to look like overall. Are great photos online of really contrasting furniture used with a similar sofa, and it looks great. I think the common theme in all is lots of gold or brass accessories—really will make the colour pop, and stops darker arrangements looking dull.

Ohchristmastreeohchristmastree Wed 05-Aug-20 21:20:53

I seriously love the warm caramel velvet that do. Black velvet or dark grey would be nice too. I love the opulence of dark velvets.

MsShopper Fri 07-Aug-20 09:43:29

Pink goes great with dark green - blush, dusky, even coral.

Not as dark as your green sofa but gives an idea:

Dugsbollox Fri 07-Aug-20 10:18:24

Loads of colours, it's so dark that you could get away with a blush pink, as above. Or another colour in the jewel tones would be lovely. I'd just stay away from anything too red. It will depend on what's going on in the rest of your room too, imo.

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