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Painting over peeling paint?

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wowfudge Sat 25-Jul-20 10:43:21

I used Make Good Plaster Repair from B&Q when taking the wallpaper off in a walk in cupboard took a lot of the skim off. Took a while, but I got a good result and did a bit of sanding of the plaster repair to get a smooth finish. I wallpapered over it - I used something you painted on before papering. It was a Zinsser product and meant the paper went on brilliantly.

Saz12 Wed 22-Jul-20 21:18:44

Scrape paint off, and fill all the little dings you can find.

If you can sand the walls you will get a much much better finish. Try using masking tape and polythene to “seal” doorways off to the rest of the house, a dust mask, and open windows.

After that use watered down pva to seal bare plaster, or watered-down emulsion.

You can also buy thick undercoat which really helps minor imperfections, depending on how bad the plaster is.

There are loads of products that will help peeling paint, but the reality is that if you prep properly you don’t need them.

poppym12 Wed 22-Jul-20 20:23:21

Sorry, posted too soon....
Flare my asthma up.
I'll also look into the Peel Stop, especially as it looks like the walls weren't primed by the builders before the obligatory magnolia coat.

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poppym12 Wed 22-Jul-20 20:19:59

Thank you. I'd obviously wear a dust mask but after sanding anything the dust seems to get everywhere so I need to minimise things that

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ChloeR81 Wed 22-Jul-20 19:46:38

I had this in my house, real doer-upper with lots of walllaper to remove and peeling paint!

We did: scrape as much loose paint off as possible, then sand the main areas and the edges of the patches to get rid of any last loose bits. Then coat with Zinnsers Peel Stop. Paint over when dry and then went round and used polycell finishing skim (comes in a little tub ready to use) to scrape over any ridges/dips etc. Then paint again on top, 2 more coats.

Came out great! Did this in quite a few rooms and all good

Zandana123 Wed 22-Jul-20 19:37:29

Or there's lining paper but I don't have any experience of that. Not sure what kind of surface it will adhere to

Zandana123 Wed 22-Jul-20 19:36:46

It's more scraping than sanding to remove paint. Filler needs sanding. Wear a mask or get a machine sander with vacuum attachment

Fayrazzled Wed 22-Jul-20 18:58:21

Have a look at some of the Zinsser specialist primers- perhaps Peel Stop primer?

poppym12 Wed 22-Jul-20 15:19:29

Thanks @Zandana123. I was hoping not to have to do the sanding (I have asthma and COPD) but I doubt there's any other way to do it.

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Zandana123 Wed 22-Jul-20 09:36:38

I ended up scraping all the paint off in our room. Then using toupret tx110 filler on all the many gouge marks. Got a perfect finish but took a while.

Pretty much any imperfection is highlighted by paint, so worth spending time on prep

poppym12 Wed 22-Jul-20 08:55:12

I've peeled the paper off one wall but in places its removed the very thin layer of paint underneath so there are large patches of bare plaster.

I'll scrape off as much loose paint as possible but would like to avoid sanding the paint off the entire wall if I can.

Does anyone know of a product I can use before I emulsion to level out the flaked paint and bare plaster to stop it looking patchy?

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