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TV mounted to chimney breast above log burner?

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thisstooshallpass Wed 08-Jul-20 07:42:08

I'm guessing it's a no? Hopefully so, DH wants to mount huge TV above lovely inglenook and it's just occurred to me about electric/heat.

Also, I know nothing about log burners, we've just moved into a house with one. Any advice/tips.

Thank you.

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Bluntness100 Wed 08-Jul-20 07:45:04

It’s not a no. There is a distance between log burners and TVs, your installer will know. Use a hetas registered one, it’s not much and your chimney will be insulated as part of the normal insulation process.

It’s totally fine,

thisstooshallpass Wed 08-Jul-20 07:55:52

@Bluntness100 Thank you.

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Tuemay Wed 08-Jul-20 08:06:06

I wouldn't.

helpmum2003 Wed 08-Jul-20 12:37:33

I wouldn't - i know how much heat the burners generate.

Bluntness100 Wed 08-Jul-20 12:42:12

I have two wood burners, your chimney needs to be insulated for them to install them. It’s part of the job. The breast does not get overly hot. However there is a zone round the burner which obviously does, as they give off a lot of heat. So there is a formula they use, which is based on the max out out of the burner and how far away things like TVs need to be.

Downstairs I’ve a large burner, double doors, and it’s about three feet or so I think from the edge of the burner to the tv. The hetas engineer measured it to ensure the right size burner was fitted and no issues with the tv.

thisstooshallpass Wed 08-Jul-20 13:38:16

Thank you all.

If it was my decision (well it is really!) I wouldn't have it above the fire but there isn't anywhere else for it to go. I'd be happy without a tv...

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RestorationInsanity Wed 08-Jul-20 16:11:14

The one thing to check even apart from the fire is how high up the wall your tv will be versus how far you can sit away from it. It can be quite uncomfortable if a TV is too high relative to your eyeline from wherever your sofa is.

Bluntness100 Wed 08-Jul-20 18:38:32

That’s the issue how far up does it need to be in relation to the seating position and room size..

heysugar Wed 08-Jul-20 19:26:01

Even if it's safe to do with the fire, wall mounted TVs look horrible. Is there nowhere else it could go?

ItsSummer Wed 08-Jul-20 19:29:13

Wall mounted TVs are so uncomfortable to watch unless you’re practically lying down. Especially if they’re close. Plus log burgers get bright - something to consider if you’re looking that way all the time to watch tv.

thisstooshallpass Wed 08-Jul-20 20:59:29

It's a dining room/kitchen area, so no one will really sit traditionally to watch it.

I have an engineer coming to access, thank for the advice.

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thisstooshallpass Wed 08-Jul-20 21:01:46


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