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Would you do this? Carpet v Vinyl.

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namechange12a Mon 06-Jul-20 00:03:25

I'm looking at Cormar Home Counties 50 in the bedroom and on the stairs/landing. I was then thinking about vinyl in the sitting room because I'm always spilling things. I thought the carpet would be wrecked. I was thinking vinyl and a big rug.

Then I thought, why not put a big rug over the carpet and just be careful...I don't want the carpet wrecked. I just think it would look so much nicer.

Is this a mad idea? Anyone got any experience of Home Counties? Thanks

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avamiah Mon 06-Jul-20 00:06:35

Hi I have similar in my bedroom and on my stairs but wood flooring in hall and lounge .

avamiah Mon 06-Jul-20 00:07:31

So sounds great .

namechange12a Mon 06-Jul-20 00:09:50

Thank you for responding. How's the carpet holding up? Any good? Looks nice from the sample. I was thinking lay the vinyl to begin with and then lay the carpet later if I change my mind! I don't know, I'm hating choosing carpets and flooring. Worst. thing. eveeerrrr.

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namechange12a Mon 06-Jul-20 00:13:46

This is the carpet I'm going for.

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avamiah Mon 06-Jul-20 01:37:13

Yes looks identical to mine .
The carpet is great, hard wearing .

avamiah Mon 06-Jul-20 01:42:41

We used to have Carpet in the lounge and Cream 😬,so in my opinion it’s not practical especially if you like to have a takeaway at the weekend while watching a movie .
It looks great but unless you can afford to replace it regularly ( every 6 months ) then it’s a no no .
Hope I’ve helped .

namechange12a Mon 06-Jul-20 02:04:37

You've been really helpful, thanks. I think it's important to get flooring that suits how you use the house and I eat in the living room and I'm always knocking over cups. I think carpet is a nice idea but would be covered in stains after a while.

I'm glad the carpet is hardwearing, that's good to know. Thanks.

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avamiah Mon 06-Jul-20 02:14:46

Yes get the Vinyl in the living room, it looks great and easy to clean.
Get a rug but just be careful not to knock or spill anything on it, but if it’s expensive you can always get it cleaned or if it’s reasonably not too expensive then replace it.

FakeTalesOfSanFrancisco Mon 06-Jul-20 11:12:20

I'd definitely go for vinyl in the living room, I had Amtico before and I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but it looked really nice and is practical/hard wearing. I also had Aqua Plank flooring (cheaper than Amtico) and was really impressed with it. Clicks together but it's much nicer than standard laminate and felt solid underfoot if that makes sense.

namechange12a Mon 06-Jul-20 14:05:29

Thank you both. I think I will go for the vinyl then. It's just so much more practical for me and easier to keep clean. Thanks again.

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Mosaic123 Tue 07-Jul-20 08:46:06

Stains are horrible. You are right. We are about to have our whole flat done in Polyflor mango oak LVT. Will buy some rugs. I am having a modern patterned carpet in the bedroom though.

namechange12a Tue 07-Jul-20 12:16:57

Thank you. Your floor sounds lovely @Mosaic123.

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redastherose Tue 07-Jul-20 12:22:27

I have Pergo laminate flooring (which actually does look like wood but doesn't scratch or mark easily) throughout my ground floor main rooms with rugs. I got it because I have a dog and two cats and carpets get ruined really easily and it is great. I was worried about it being cold but it really isn't with thick insulation beneath it. Wouldn't go back to carpet downstairs. Spilt drinks are no big thing now!

namechange12a Tue 07-Jul-20 12:47:21

@redastherose I'll look into that, thank you for the suggestion. That's the problem isn't it, you have to weigh up how you use the room and how it will stand up to use with guests spilling red wine and spilling cups of tea etc I was trying to convince myself that I could just be careful but I don't want to have to be careful in my own home. I want to be able to relax and not worry about my wool carpet all the time. Vinyl or laminate or something similar with a rug means it should stay looking nice.

Thank you!

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Mosaic123 Tue 07-Jul-20 19:59:59

We are far too messy for plain light carpet. We have carpet in our diary (it was here when we came). And it looks significantly more stained than when we bought the flat a year ago. No pets or kids. Just messy residents.

Mosaic123 Tue 07-Jul-20 20:00:34

Diary = flat!

namechange12a Tue 07-Jul-20 20:01:45

Diary? Dining room? Yes, exactly. It's a nice idea but you have to take into consideration how it will look in a year.

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namechange12a Tue 07-Jul-20 20:02:58

Sorry we cross posted. I would never have guessed flat! grin

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Mosaic123 Tue 07-Jul-20 20:45:55

It's to do with SwiftKey, the typing system on my phone + predictive text combo. D is next to F. Crazy huh?

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