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Brass Kitchen Handles

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QuantumWeatherButterfly Tue 30-Jun-20 13:16:31

I've decided I want brass handles in my new kitchen. Nothing traditional/twee, something like this or like this

It seems I've opened a can of worms though - because that will mean I need a brass kitchen tap, right? And what about the sink? It's going to be ceramic, but do I need a brass waste?

Has anyone else chosen brass? What did you do with the tap and sink?

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WhoWouldHaveThoughtThat Tue 30-Jun-20 16:48:34

I think a ceramic sink (white) looks good with brass taps and plug'ole etc.

QuantumWeatherButterfly Tue 30-Jun-20 17:11:10

Thanks, Who - yes, it'll be a ceramic sink, and I think I've found one with a suitable coloured waste too. Phew!

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LittleWingSoul Tue 30-Jun-20 22:53:12

We've got modern brass handles too, and went for a brass tap. I spent ages scouring the net for a decent brass waste that wasn't upwards of £100 (we needed 2 for a double ceramic sink) and the ones that arrived were really flimsy. So we ended up using the original steel ones that came with the sink (ikea) and they are far superior in construction! And tbh, I haven't thought once to myself 'wish the wastes were brass'.

Maybe I will from now on though... grinconfused

Can you send a link for the wastes you found, if you don't mind?

QuantumWeatherButterfly Wed 01-Jul-20 07:33:31

Hi, @LittleWingSoul - thanks for the info, sorry I've give you kitchen waste angstgrin!

It's a very small kitchen, and the equally small sink I have my eye on comes with the waste. This is the one I'm thinking about, and basically hoping that 'bronze' is going to look like the brushed brass elsewhere in the room!

What did you do about door handles (as opposed to cupboard door handles)? We have chrome everywhere else in the house, but now I'm wondering if the one on the inside of the kitchen ought to be brass. But it's a glazed door so you'd be able to see the outside one anyway. Gah!

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LittleWingSoul Fri 03-Jul-20 00:54:25

Sorry for late response OP!

We were renovating the whole house at the same time so all door handles are brass. Thinking about it, bathroom taps etc are silver though... It hasn't occurred to me, and doesn't bother me, so I think you'll get away with not changing them all wink

LittleWingSoul Fri 03-Jul-20 00:55:14

And lovely sink btw!

RestorationInsanity Fri 03-Jul-20 11:02:45

Its totally fine, and encouraged to mix metals, as it stops everything looking too "matchy matchy" or things nearly matching if they're not quite the same tone, or don't age the same way. If you mix metals, I think they key is to make sure you have enough of each kind, or that one if used for a real statement.

QuantumWeatherButterfly Fri 03-Jul-20 11:41:47

@RestorationInsanity Ooh, interesting! Perhaps I can get your opinion on this - if the cabinet handles, taps and sink wastes are brass, perhaps wall lights, door handles and table lamps in brushed steel could look 'deliberate' enough?

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RestorationInsanity Fri 03-Jul-20 12:28:05

It's hard to say there's a right or wrong (you only need to look at interiors websites to see people breaking all the "rules" to great effect!

Some people suggest having metals broken up by eye level, so lower things in one metal or higher in another. But also grouping like things by metal, so your idea of having the sanitary wear and handles in brass and lighting in brushed steel would work well. I'd probably have the door handles in brass though as your cabinet handles are brass.

Smallgoon Fri 03-Jul-20 21:13:31

@QuantumWeatherButterfly We could be the same person because I was looking as these exact handles last night! So many beautiful designs on there. I also came across this site and liked their 'lip pull handles'

and have my eye on this tap or something similar - I'd like a pull out as my sink is quite deep -

QuantumWeatherButterfly Sun 05-Jul-20 17:44:03

@Smallgoon I think we really might be the same person! I can't thank you enough for the Plank Hardward link - I LOVE it all! I'm especially excited about the lovely selection of knurled brass - just what I wanted!

That tap is really nice too - but given it's a small sink, I think I'll go with my original choice and put the difference towards handles.

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Smallgoon Sun 05-Jul-20 18:11:17

@QuantumWeatherButterfly No worries, I only came across the Plank site myself the other day! I'm consciously trying to put my money towards smaller, independent buisnesses where possible. They do indeed have some lovely knurled handle options at a fraction of the price that others sell at. I'm still debating whether the knurled options would be suitable for my kitchen, or whether they would go a little grubby. They do look beautiful.

QuantumWeatherButterfly Tue 07-Jul-20 18:42:03

If it helps you decide, we have a knurled knob on our Quooker hot water tap, and it's never got grubby. That's stainless steel, so arguably more prone to showing dirt.

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Smallgoon Tue 07-Jul-20 22:20:35

Thank you, that is good to know.

minipie Wed 08-Jul-20 23:02:45

For a similar range to Plank, check out Dowsing & Reynolds. We got out handles from there (Knurled skyscraper and some round knobs with knurled edges) and love them.

fogginghell Wed 08-Jul-20 23:17:04

Hi op! I have brass handles, taps and waste with anthracite steel sinks. My sockets and ceiling lights are brushed chrome as are my backsplash and appliances. Looks amazing even if I say so myself grin I wouldn't go brass with every single thing either as it can look too matchy matchy like someone said upthread.

fogginghell Wed 08-Jul-20 23:18:25

Oh @minipie we have those knurled skyscraper handles from dowsing and Reynolds , gorgeous arnt they ! smile only thing is I am finding them so hard to keep clean . How are you finding yours ??

minipie Wed 08-Jul-20 23:44:05

Ah snap! We haven’t had problems with them getting grubby so far - however we only have them in a few places as mostly we have the round knobs. I think there was a grubby patch on one once and I got it off with magic sponge.

Smallgoon Thu 09-Jul-20 10:28:13

I purchased Dowsing and Reynolds black sockets and dimmer switches for my home - they're lovely, and give a very high-end feel! I found their handles to be on the pricier side which is why I was thrilled when I came across the Plank site, as they do similar but at a lower price.

I too like the knurled design but I do think they have a tendency to get grubby, particularly if it has the 'diamond knurled' design (like the skyscraper style you posted). Plank do a 'straight knurled' design which I think will be easier to keep clean, and it my personal opinion, look a little 'neater'.

So I think this is what I'll be going for, in a mixture of pull handles and knobs.

I also made a mistake when researching, of clicking on the Armac Martin site and coming across their new mixed metals range... I think their knobs with backplate are beautiful -

But not sure I'll be rushing to spend £60 per knob sad

fogginghell Thu 09-Jul-20 11:53:46

Omg @goon what have you done ... those handles 😍😍😍😍 ...

Smallgoon Fri 10-Jul-20 00:34:52

I know... I'm so sorry! blush If money were no object, these would feature throughout my home!

QuantumWeatherButterfly Fri 10-Jul-20 10:57:37

Oh my god oh my god oh my god! Dowsing and Reynolds have exactly the wall lights I want! This thread has been absolute gold! Mumsnet is amazing, and so are all of you!

If anyone is interested - I ordered a sample of the Beslag knurled brass knob handle, and also a Heritage Brass hexagonal knob, mostly to help me check all the colours I am planning work together (which they do - phew!). Both are lovely, but it is very clear that the Heritage one is solid brass while the Beslag one is aluminium - the difference in weight/solidity is really obvious. Not sure it will matter once they're actually on a door, but thought I'd point it out.

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Smallgoon Fri 10-Jul-20 18:52:23

Thanks OP! I'm definitely after something weighty and was looking at the Beslag site yesterday, so may have to reconsider purchasing from them. My kitchen is two tone, with grey wall units and navy base units. I wanted brass pull handles for the base units and then black knobs for the grey units - not sure if people will find this weird but I feel the contrast will be better than going brass all over...

QuantumWeatherButterfly Mon 13-Jul-20 08:24:34

Oh curses! Plans have been (slightly) foiled. I really wanted bars for the drawers, but none of the knurled bars I like are long enough for 1000mm drawer unit I have in plan, and I don't like the look of multiple bar handles on a single drawer.

Looks like it's knobs all round! I'm actually leaning towards the Heritage Brass hexagon ones - they feel lovely and tactile.

@Smallgoon, I think your cupboard/handle combo sounds lovely!

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