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Kitchen sofa - or somewhere else? Colour?

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Growingboys Sat 27-Jun-20 18:56:45

Ages ago we bought two sofas, one from and one from Homebase which was about £600 cheaper.

The more expensive one from is still going strong while the Homebase one is sunken, bits of wood sticking into our backs, etc. So we need a new one.

I like for the quality - is there anywhere else around (not above) that pricepoint I should look at?

And what material should I go for given DC will eat and spill food on it...

Any recommendations gratefully accepted

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minipie Sat 27-Jun-20 19:08:47

Loaf, Sofas and Stuff, Sofa Workshop, Living It Up, Love Your Home, Willow & Hall, Darlings of Chelsea all worth a look.

I own sofas from and Sofa Workshop and both have held up well over the years. I haven’t tried the others I listed but get the impression they are decent quality.

Fabric - Removable machine washable covers are your best bet, but that will limit your choice of designs and fabrics quite a lot. For example a lot of the tightly covered mid century type designs will not have removable covers. Mid or darker colours maybe with a slight pattern is very forgiving, we have a mid grey herringbone and any marks hardly show.

Growingboys Sat 27-Jun-20 19:10:45

Thanks so much @minipie that is such a great help. I have just stumbled upon Loaf but the naff names and cutesy-pie rubbish they've written over their website is killing me.

I can't quite find what I want on, largely because the sofa I love there doesn't fit our space, so will look up your ideas now - thank you.

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Gunpowder Sat 27-Jun-20 19:18:22

We’ve got a couple of loaf sofas and I completely agree about the cutsey branding, it’s extremely irritating. The staff in the showrooms are also unhelpful. What is good about the sofas however is the fabric. Ours are ‘clever velvet’ in dark blue and spills just wipe off, it’s brilliant. We have four feral children and have two sofas in the kitchen so this was essential for us. I think all the other big sofa companies do versions of this now (or clever/smart linen, clever wool etc.)

Growingboys Sat 27-Jun-20 21:00:41

How interesting @Gunpowder as I'm now seriously toying with a Loaf sofa and was very tempted by the clever velvet in what they call liquorice and I call dark blue I think.

Then I saw a striped linen and think I love that even more as it goes with our existing colourscheme.

Might go back and look at the velvet again now you've said that...

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Gunpowder Sat 27-Jun-20 21:16:43

The striped linen is really gorgeous. My DC are too unreliable for it but if they were better trained that would be my first choice.

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