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Never feeling satisfied

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KC8LL Mon 22-Jun-20 23:06:13

My partner and I have been living in our home for coming up to two years now. The home is set in a beautiful new build area, has 3 very large bedrooms, master en-suite, open plan downstairs with a consevetory big as the living room. Private driveway and a fair size garden.
I can't help but constantly feel dissatisfaction with the smallest of things in our home, for example we have no hallway the front door opens straight into the stairs and our stairs is plaster wall either side and I love stairs with spindles!!
It's only little things like this I can't help feel the house is not good enough even though i know we cannot buy anytime soon I can't help look at other homes
Does anyone else get this feeling with their home? Some days love it some days hate it?

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Unknown2020 Tue 23-Jun-20 07:56:43

I do get you OP. We recently moved from a very small 3 bed terraced house to a spacious semi-detached 5 bed house with large garden. I absolutely do love the house, don’t get me wrong but sometime it’s the little things like you say that get to you and I then question why we went over our budget to move her, but then I just think to myself I’m very lucky to be in this house and I need to stop being so petty about such things.

For example, we wanted a house with a downstairs loo, as was just more convenient with young children and guests having to use our main bathroom - the new house has this but it’s ridiculously small that people tend to still go to our family bathroom. We gained 2 bedrooms in this house but our bedroom is a lot smaller then our old one and feels so cramped and is such a odd shape that the furniture positioning just looks silly. Our bedroom is an extension the previous owners added on so I always wonder what made them go to all of that effort and money to add such a small odd shaped room!

KC8LL Tue 23-Jun-20 15:26:45

I really do feel awful complaining as I know we are so lucky to have our home. I feel like even if we moved into a different home I still wouldn't feel happy!!
Always something to do

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Unknown2020 Tue 23-Jun-20 20:03:24

Yes I feel I’d be the same, unless we happened to win the lottery and build our dream home I think there will always be things to pick at

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