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Help with hallway please

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Cantdecidewhich Tue 09-Jun-20 08:02:36

I have bought this 😁 hope it looks nice! It is being delivered later today.
I am going to order a 4 ft palm plant to go next to it, does anyone know the best place?

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Cantdecidewhich Tue 09-Jun-20 07:58:53

Thanks for the replies.
@Knittedfairies just general junk really not coats and shoes.
@BF888 wow that sounds good, could have done with her before we changed every room in the house since lockdown 😂

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BF888 Mon 08-Jun-20 23:17:18

I think a sideboard sounds great and a plant too, could style it with some accessories too. I don’t know if Homesense is open yet but they have great stuff. I’ve found myself in a similar boat with design it’s just too much sometimes. I have just had a moodboard service done by a wonderful woman, she helped so much with my lounge. It was only £30 and honestly gave me ideas for other rooms too- if you want her details I can send them. She’s U.K. based interior designer

Knittedfairies Mon 08-Jun-20 22:34:27

What sort of things need storage? Are we talking coats and shoes, or something else?

IsolatedIzzy Mon 08-Jun-20 22:29:54

I quite like this- quite cool & very practical - in my mind I've already put hats & scarves in one drawer, umbrellas in another and I haven't even hit room for it in my hall!

With a nice big plant & some nice prints etc it could look quite good!

Cantdecidewhich Sun 07-Jun-20 16:45:48

We are just revamping our hallway and I have finally talked DP into getting rid of an ugly desk that was under the window. We need something though for storage. I am thinking maybe a sideboard with a nice tall plant at the side but not sure?
We are painting the front door and changing the glass and the floor is oak.
We also need a light fitting or shade .
Any ideas at all really appreciated thanks.

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