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Can anyone identify this wallpaper?

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TuttiFrutti Sat 06-Jun-20 17:38:17

I saw this wallpaper in a magazine (can't remember which one) but have no idea how to find out where it's from. Does anyone recognize it?

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princesconsuelabananahammock Sun 07-Jun-20 21:22:42

I believe it's this one in document green. It's lovely 😊

HollowTalk Sun 07-Jun-20 21:23:59

Have to love this about Mumsnet!

TuttiFrutti Sun 07-Jun-20 21:36:55

Wow! Thank you prinesconsuela, that is fantastic!

You're right HollowTalk, Mumsnet is indeed a fabulous place!

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princesconsuelabananahammock Sun 07-Jun-20 22:50:47

No problem, glad to help ☺️

QuantumWeatherButterfly Mon 08-Jun-20 15:47:27

Well how wonderful! That is exactly what I've been looking for for our new family wall - thank you TuttuFrutti and princesconsuela!

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