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Help me style my lounge

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xLoulou30x Wed 03-Jun-20 15:18:48

I have decorated each of the rooms in my house and I love the way they feel, except for the lounge. I have decorated this room but it just doesn’t feel right. It is quite dark because of the dark floor and it doesn’t get the sun until the late afternoon/evening.

Could you help me work out why it doesn’t feel right?

I’m planning on putting up some framed prints behind the sofa instead of the colourful canvas and I’m going to get some new cushions in a neutral colour. The wall with the fireplace just doesn’t seem to fit with the room.

The rug was a temporary fix to see if it brightened the room up instead of the dark floor. I’m considering changing it to a white/neutral one?


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aquamarine1 Wed 03-Jun-20 15:23:53

The rug is lovely! I think you need to have the chimney breast the same as the walls either side - do you have any of the paper left? I also think the paint on the other walls is too light to go with the wallpaper - maybe something deeper?

Mummydaydreams Wed 03-Jun-20 15:30:36

I think it's lovely. There's lots of quite hard lines and square shapes can you break it up a bit with some softness? Curtains, throws on the sofa, a round mirror, a plant with rounded leaves, fluffy cushions, round candles, a circular coffee table or pouffe might help make the room feel more comfortable and less angular.

Lightsabre Wed 03-Jun-20 15:32:54

I had a walnut coloured engineered floor when we moved in. The room was north facing so it sucked the light out. We overlaid a cream carpet and it looks so much lighter and cosier. It was also in the hallway and dining room and we had those areas sanded to a light honey colour. Could you do that?

I'm not a fan of feature walls and I think the wallpaper, fireplace and mirror clash. I'd have the room in the same light colour with an oval over mantel mirror in a light colour. You can put accessories either side of the mirror and on the window sill. I think you need neutral floor length curtains for a bay window too.

I don't know what your lighting is like but side lamps give a room a warm glow rather than an over head light. Is that a ceiling fan?

GoBackToPartyCity Wed 03-Jun-20 15:35:38

I think the mirror is too ornate to go with that wallpaper.

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Wed 03-Jun-20 15:41:21

I don't like mirror either, how about a round silver ornate mirror?

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Wed 03-Jun-20 15:42:28

I'd probably go darker grey with the wall colour too. That pale grey/blue is a bit wispy washy

InSpaceNooneCanHearYouScream Wed 03-Jun-20 15:43:27

Nice room though!

Fairybatman Wed 03-Jun-20 15:44:24

I think that the wallpaper is too busy and makes the room look darker.

The rest I like, although I agree with PP that some rounder shapes would break it all up a bit.

SheepSocks Wed 03-Jun-20 15:46:06

I think some nice round cushions that are shaggy in texture could soften the room.

flirtygirl Wed 03-Jun-20 15:46:26

It's a nice room and love the pic above your sofa. The rug is also great.

I would change the mirror to something larger and modern. Change the light fitting and floor lamp. Add a throw and more cushions. Maybe change the blinds to add warmth. I would add curtains but don't think you can, due to the tv bench.
I would remove the dark wall hanging next to the window.

Love your wallpaper. Lots of great items on your room.

SheepSocks Wed 03-Jun-20 15:48:01

It's a nice room, I think the artwork above the sofa is too flashy with the wallpaper, I'd go for a softer print, or a family canvas.

turtletum Wed 03-Jun-20 16:04:24

I like the colour of the rug and cushions, they add warmth. The grey walls, dark furniture and dark wallpaper are a bit much in a room with cool tone natural light. I'd be tempted to either choose lighter wallpaper with mostly warm colours, or change the other walls to a warmer brown grey or even bright white. The canvas is bit much with the wallpaper. But overall it's a nice room, just slightly cold looking.

xLoulou30x Wed 03-Jun-20 16:07:54

Thank you for all the responses. In answer to some of the questions:
- I don’t think I have enough wallpaper to do the chimney I’ll have to check.
- I was a bit scared of doing darker on the walls as I thought it would make the room feel even darker? Maybe I could go for a warmer cooler instead of the cool white/grey.
- I hadn’t even noticed that it was angular. I will add some softness and circular items.
- I consider getting a new floor. I might still need to but I thought I would try to fix the rest of the room first as it’s a lot cheaper.
- I think I agree that I need to change the mirror. It’s a family heirloom which is why it’s their but I think I need to find a new place for it to live. I like the idea of a round one.
- I will add some light curtains too. Hopefully that will soften the room.
- yes it’s a ceiling fan. The house gets so hot that all of the rooms have one.
- what kind of floor lamp would work?

What do people think about putting a print over the wallpaper? A very large neutral simple one. Would that break up the pattern a bit or would it make it worse?

I have been considering painting the fireplace. Changing the silver to black and the cream surround to white. DH is against the idea. What do you think?

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OnlyFoolsnMothers Wed 03-Jun-20 16:09:03

Where’s your rug from OP?

xLoulou30x Wed 03-Jun-20 16:12:19

@OnlyFoolsnMothers it’s from ikea. It’s the lohals rug. It’s like a jute texture.

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Daisydoesnt Wed 03-Jun-20 16:25:17

OP just some observations:

- it’s a very masculine room, but that might be your style. For me I’d like to add some femininity and softness

- the sofa and chair are extremely angular. I’m sorry but they don’t look very comfortable, even if they might be. I’d add some throws and be REALLY generous with the cushions. Add texture and size not just more

- the sofa chair and footstool all in the dark grey is quite oppressive (sorry). It would not be a difficult job to get the footstool recovered? I’d go for a lighter shade and possible introduce a pattern like a check or polka dot

- the new artwork above the sofa needs to be larger and come as far as the outside edges. So that’s either one big piece or two coordinating pieces, but try and get the outer edges lined up with the arms of the sofa

- I’m a believer in more is more! So why don’t you dress the mantel piece - an indoor plant, pictures, candles, other pretty objects you’ve got knocking about the house. I’d do the same with the footstool: mines currently got some colourful art books, an antique wooden tray and a tiny fern

- the floor lamp next to the sofa is a bit ungenerous. Can you go bigger??

OnlyFoolsnMothers Wed 03-Jun-20 16:27:44

Thanks OP

Daisydoesnt Wed 03-Jun-20 16:31:20

OP looking at your photos again I think the wallpaper in the recess needs to go. Can you just paint over it? I think the artwork that is currently above the sofa is really striking; have you tried that over the mantel? You don’t have to have a mirror there. I wouldn’t do it without losing the wallpaper but it would be very striking as you walked in the room.

Graffitiqueen Wed 03-Jun-20 21:02:35

I agree that the wall with the fireplace is the problem. It looks like it's from a different room. I would change the mirror in the first instance. Might be out of budget but changing the fireplace would also help.

If you don;t have enought wallpaper maybe paint the fireplace wall in one of the colours picked out of the wallpaper?

Graffitiqueen Wed 03-Jun-20 21:03:22

meant to say i really like the rest of it.

TimeWastingButFun Wed 03-Jun-20 21:10:59

If it were my room I think I'd have a window seat in the bay and book shelves where the single chair currently is. I think it's a bit 'cold' to have the back of the chair to the door as it's not inviting, so a window seat would draw you to the area. I'd put the tv to the left of the fireplace or in another room. I would have to remove the artex and ceiling fan pronto!! The fireplace is quite dated and I'd replace it with a log burner or if you don't like those then take it out completely. Maybe more sumptuous curtains, and simple fixes like plants and flowers.

ManishaK Fri 05-Jun-20 10:36:46

I think it just might be the darkness of the room. I had this issue too, but i just bought accessories that brighten the room up. So maybe some bright flowers and decor pieces. I didn't think it would work but it made a huge difference.
The link of where I got most of my decor pieces is here...

cakeandchampagne Fri 05-Jun-20 10:47:28

It seems like a floor lamp so close to the door would get bumped a lot.

weepingwillow22 Fri 05-Jun-20 16:24:39

I think the problem is there are too many competing focal points. Normally the fireplace would be the focal point but the line of sight is drawn to the wallpaper which is very busy. I would paint the alcoves a neutral colour.

Failing that, painting the fireplace surround in one of the darker shades in the wallpaper could help refocus attention to that area. I would also team it with a much heavier mirror which takes up more of the wall above it and provides a bit more balance to the wallpaper.

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