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Which turquoise?

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VenusClapTrap Mon 11-May-20 21:01:00

Family bathroom is nearly finished, and I just can’t decide which turquoise the pain the walls above the tiles. Please vote! Or do be honest if you hate both; I can take it.

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VenusClapTrap Mon 11-May-20 21:02:07

‘to paint’ not ‘the pain’
Ye gads I really should put my specs on for MNetting these days.

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Ibelieveinyesterday Mon 11-May-20 21:03:58

I think the bigger sample looks nicest out of the two.

Cosyblanky Mon 11-May-20 21:04:22

I love the one on the left, but the one on the right is lovely is you want a bolder statement. I wouldn't actually call either turquoise though, but it's probably the photo.

DesiDiva2020 Mon 11-May-20 21:04:46

Agree, the larger sample

Janleverton Mon 11-May-20 21:05:14

The one on the left.

Cosyblanky Mon 11-May-20 21:05:51

Sorry, my left! Agree, the bigger sample

VenusClapTrap Mon 11-May-20 21:06:42

The colours don’t really come out true to life on here. They are Canton by Little Greene (paler one) and Phantom by Graham & Brown.

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AnyFucker Mon 11-May-20 21:07:03

The lighter one

VenusClapTrap Mon 11-May-20 21:07:57

Subtle one coming turning out to be the favourite then.

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GCITC Mon 11-May-20 21:08:40

I'm no help. I like the darker one by the sink but the lighter one by the bath.

AnyFucker Mon 11-May-20 21:09:03


Bluntness100 Mon 11-May-20 21:10:25

The bigger one on the left here too.

keepingbees Mon 11-May-20 21:10:38

I like the smaller one. I think imagining it all over, it will look more a bold teal whereas the other one might look more mid green.

spongedog Mon 11-May-20 21:13:10

left hand one (larger sample)

The other is more teal?

VenusClapTrap Mon 11-May-20 21:15:34

DS and I want the bold one (small, darker sample - Phantom), Dh prefers the lighter one - Canton but is willing to let it go because he got his choice on the floor tiles when I was against them. Dd is violently opposed to Phantom and really has the hump about it.

So it’s good to get some outside views - even if you do nearly all disagree with me!

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VenusClapTrap Mon 11-May-20 21:16:27

Yes teal is a better description of it.

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BelfastNonBlonde Mon 11-May-20 21:16:38

The darker, smaller sample.
It’s more contemporary I think.
The lighter turquoise is more “obvious”?

Not explaining very well

BelfastNonBlonde Mon 11-May-20 21:17:33

And I think the lighter one will be more insipid once all over - I’d get sick of it very quickly

Ninkanink Mon 11-May-20 21:18:12

I think the bolder, darker colour would be much better because of the dark shades on the floor and cabinet. I don’t think the lighter one will gel very well with the overall look.

surlycurly Mon 11-May-20 21:20:49

I like both but I think the bluer, smaller sample is very flat in terms or reflecting the light. The room could look very dark. I agree it's a more modern colour but I'd be inclined to go with the teal. I'd probably go for a dark grey personally.

Myimaginarycathasfleas Mon 11-May-20 21:22:06

I've just googled the paints by name and I'm with you, OP, the darker one (Phantom) is nicer. Canton is definitely green, where as Phantom is a more vivid teal.

SpillTheTeaa Mon 11-May-20 21:27:23

I like the left one, the lighter of the both. I don't like the smaller one in the first picture but I'm 2nd and 3rd it looks slightly a different shade so looks okay

VenusClapTrap Mon 11-May-20 21:28:35

Some very useful feedback from you all, thank you. This is a screen grab of phantom which shows the colour more accurately than my photos.

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VenusClapTrap Mon 11-May-20 21:31:24

Interestingly, the pics of Canton on that I’ve found online look a lot darker than it does in the flesh.

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