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Marks above radiator

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raindrop84 Sun 10-May-20 07:37:45

Bit of a random one but above some of my radiators on the walls appears to be what looks like dusty/dark marks staining the light coloured walls!

Any idea how to get rid of them without repainting?

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PerfidiousAlbion Mon 11-May-20 11:08:15

Ir’s airborne dirt and pollution. small particles you can’t see are drawn in via the warm air and stick to the cooler wall. they soak into the paint.

Maybe put a shelf above the radiator?

You also see it above hot light fittings.

Unfortunately, the only thing to do is repaint, as cleaning will just spread the dirt.

Always put your extractor fan on when cooking. Dont burn candles. clean behind your radiators (hoover & dust). Put draft proofing on all windows & doors to slow the draft & polution from outside.

I suffer too, especially upstairs.

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